1. #401
    Definitely a snake or frog hybrid for me!
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  2. #402
    A bat hybrid would be totally cool
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  3. #403
    I would love to be some fat rat as a character so definatly a rat, and it would also be cool being a squid dude.
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  4. #404

    My choices

    Shark and Owl.
    My friends favorite animal is an owl.
    I'm going to play as a shark hybrid as my first character.

    I would also like to add, the animal hybrids on the list to choose from are great and should be added to the game if they haven't been already. Even having some of these hybrids as crew members would be amazing. I can already see myself making much more than two hybrids from this selection.
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  5. #405
    I’d go with a humanoid wolf hybrid!
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  6. #406

    My Hybrid

    Half Crow, Half Snake

    I wish there was a Raven instead of a crow!
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  7. #407
    Not on the list, but wolf and tiger. Or I guess dog and tiger.
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  9. #409
    Rhino and Shark for me
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  10. #410
    My favorite animal and pet is the squirrel and I'm so happy that it's on the list. How about a black panther?
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