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    Unofficial - Everything we know about the Game!

    Updated 07.08.2020<-Day/Month/Year
    Hit me up on Twitter if you need something.

    About the Movie:


    Consider supporting this YT: https://www.youtube.com/GVMERS

    Developers should keep in mind we watch every message here

    So what is this Thread?
    This threads only existence is due to many always asking about stuff that has been clarified. I expect new people to come to the program and I want to have a thread dedicated to answering all questions regarding the game. But keep in mind that you should not take everything as set in stone. Things are subject to change.

    Updated 22.12.2018
    Will we always need an internet connection even if we're playing BGE2 solo? (o_gilgamesh, Twitter)
    Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an online, multiplayer game with a rich co-op and seamless experience. As such, the game will only be playable with an internet connection in order to have seamless navigation, receive dynamic updates, and play with friends (which is certainly better when you're playing as a Space Pirate!). The choice to play co-op, however, remains yours to make, so playing BGE2 solo is absolutely possible if you're into that lone Space Pirate kinda thing...
    Gamesetting Updated 15.11.2018
    • The game takes place before BGE1 (Prequel)
    • Gametime is in the 24th century where India and China have become the global superpowers in the 22nd century. They working on creating human-animal hybrids for interstellar colonization. However, those hybrids are treated as slaves and are probably the lowest class in this society.
    • The location of the game will take place is System3. System 3 is rich in resources and worlds in the habitable zone, a place full of spacefaring commerce. Also, System4 is involved in the game to explain some history.
    • Fled hybrid slaves work for their own freedom which causes a growing space piracy.
    • Even under hybrids there are classes. Domesticated are seen as lesser.
    • There will be different species under hybrids, therefore, we will see multiple cultures and languages.
    • The story focus is about hybrids which are fighting for their freedom, to get accepted as equal.
    • The story should feature important characters which drive the story(Ancel mentioned, a similar way Zelda does). Characters from the first BGE1 should be somehow involved.
    • It remains to be seen how the game goes with "story across generations".

    • This space RPG game will incorporating the main pillars/elements of BGE1 such as, 3rd person perspective, friends, combat, vehicles, exploration(first-person view for photos), stealth (also other elements we see in games like Witcher3 such as dialogues, quests, collectibles, and leveling) and on top of that the COOP option.
    • You will be able to create your own character which can be human or hybrid and that comes with negative and positive effects for each species. Also, side characters should be playable too(at least if we go by the demo).
    • You start as lowlife guy with a space tuk-tuk. You evolve yourself over time with your crew and your ship. We heard stuff along the lines of delivering pizza as an option to grow.
    • Minor characters are randomly generated and therefore unique to everyone.
    • There will be multiple solutions for a quest to solve it.
    • Actions may have consequences (like disturbing supply lanes for a city).
    • The game is an open-world title.
    • Ability to go from character scale out into space without loading screens, possibly within seconds, and then traveling between worlds. It's compared to No Man's Sky but emphasized that they want to focus more on few, specifically designed worlds, while still allowing some parts to be intelligently generated like in Dwarf Fortress.
    • Grappling gauntlet and jetpack are methods to move vertically as shown in the trailer.
    • Minigames, like card games.

    Spaceships and Vehicles (Updated 05.06.2019)
    • Seems like we start with low-end space tuk-tuk but details are unclear.
    • You will be able to fly around in your spaceship keep your small spaceship at the time you are getting a bigger one. It will be parked in the bigger one.
    • Bigger spaceships can be considered home or garage of the player, customizable with trophies and other objects (Who doesn't like a moving base?)
    • We have seen spins, loopings and even drifts as possible maneuvers depending on the ship.
    • Vehicles each have velocity settings. The acceleration between these is dependent on the "character attributes" of the vehicle. Overall speeds may range up to presumably 1 million km/h. (This has only been observed so far.)
    • Going into atmospheres too fast may cause you to burn up
    • There will be dogfights coming.
    • We will get racing again.
    • Ships can be shut down so the player has to escape the ship before it crashes.
    • Ships have the ability to follow another if you want that (fly in a formation).
    • You can enter enemy ships.
    • Modular ships so you can change appearance and traits.
    • There will be Mammago "Stations" for your ships.

    Fear of empty planets?
    • Ancel assured us he wants the planets to be alive.
    • There will even be submarine exploration.
    • Also there should be active trading between cities(including people/slaves to some extent).
    • Ancel mentioned that all the cities or other places of interest/quest relevance are designed from the ground up, not procedurally generated.
    • They use generation and hand-made content. It would almost be impossible for the devs to fully make all those structures themselves or very time-consuming at the targeted scale.
    • Personal Note: Huge scale does not mean everything has to be populated extensively.

    Photos and Spyglass (Updated 13.12.2018)
    • Yes we will be able to take photos again. This time however you can even share pictures you made and NPCs will react to those.
    • Taking a picture will create an object with metadata (location, what's pictured and so on). Pictures may be shared between players (in Co-Op) to aid progression
    • Unlike BGE1 the player will wield the so-called Spyglass.
    • The Spyglass is like a camera, but it has been said to have more functions.
    • Scans with the Spyglass show the base DNA of a hybrid or human. Besides that scans reveal weaknesses and or strengths. It very likely also shows faction.
    • Also there are Object-based scans such as Cities or important areas on the planet's surface from the outer space of the planet. The Spyglass also seems to shows the name of the location of the player.

    How big is the world? (Updated 13.12.2018)
    Ancel mentioned: "Exploration will span the galaxy, as the developers want players to zip across planets from city to city and fly from planet to planet." Important to know here is that the game takes place in one Solar-System, not the galaxy.
    I highly suggest you watch the "First In-Engine Demo" video to get the feeling of scale Ancel always talks about. Either way, it clearly looks to be massive.

    Soma the "planet" where Ganesha City is located which is a moon of the gas giant "Dyaus"

    As of date we only know that there are the planets (outer to inner orbit):
    Dyaus (with the moons Soma and Chandra)
    Surya which is very likely the sun
    "Lost Ark of Manu" does not follow the same orbit which very likely means it is either a special planet or more likely something different

    Global scale effects
    • Space debris falling on the surface causes effects(Population will be on the safe side of planets).
    • The surface will be affected by those and therefore seem to be modifying it in real time.
    • Since the game runs a whole simulated Solar-System, day and night cycle are a natural cause of this.

    Having a Crew
    • We know you will be able to have a crew with the mediumship.
    • Those people may join you or not based on your actions.
    • Also those people may leave you due to some actions you may perform in the future.
    • The Crew will improve your ship statistics(depending on their skills). Find a good combination.
    • Ancel mentioned it would be way more realistic to win crewmembers with for example a card game.
    • Gameplay footage on the fourth stream showed a wounded hybrid which could potentially get part of your crew.

    Combat (Updated 12.12.2018)
    • Melee combat does have dodge with Jetpack, a drop-down attack and normal hits it seems.
    • Some enemies are able to block incoming attacks while other may have healing abilities.
    • Combat can be outside and inside ships.
    • The Jetpack adds a layer of complexity.
    • Combat can happen anywhere. As mentioned by Ancel on the clip of the second SpaceMonkeyReport
    • They want to keep the same DNA which probably hints to the classic BGE1 one-button combat or rather close to it.
    • Latest reveals have shown the use of guns with so-called augmentations "perks" which for example slow enemies or put them into full stasis. The effects seem to be temporary.

    Timeline (Updated 07.05.2018)
    (Picture link is broken by now but shown in the Space Monkey Reports)

    • 2040 Golden Age of Science (New engines for space travel have been invented)
    • 2063 Earth Crisis (Singularity // AI has gone hostile and people return to physical media // This is shown by the Mdisks)
    • 2086 First Talking Hybrid: Pey'J-E527 (For interaction with humans)
    • 2108 Exodus to Systems 1, 2, 3 4 and 5
    • 2225 Foundation of Ganesha City (The city we all know from the first trailer)
    • 2314 Mysterious Giant Ship Massacre (the First instance of such a thing being documented)
    • 2360 Golden Age of Piracy
    • ???? Birth of Jade before BGE2

    Legendary/Important Characters Update 29.09.2018
    • KNOX Hybrid monkey who is always looking for trouble
    • ZHOU YUZHU Hybrid pig, pretentious collector and ruthless crime boss
    • LI DAIYU Rejuvenated madam who runs Zhou’s backrooms
    • SHANI Badass biker and ingenious mechanic of Somalian ancestry
    • DAKINI The very mysterious Captain of the Gada...
    • PEY'J The cook of the Gada and famous for his Space-Chili
    • CALLUM Ship mechanic of the Gada
    • GADA AI You know. This is a smart speaking ship. It is like Kitt in Space I guess
    • UMA Chief Medic of the Gada
    • HSING-HSING It is a Panda with tea
    • KIM HYUN-JUN A Tiger who survives with participating in daily blood sports
    • JADE Standing against the crew of the Gada on the side of Alpha-Sections
    • ALPHA SECTIONS They are back! With some really beefed up armor it seems

    Side information (Updated 05.06.2019)
    • "The Gate" we saw in the trailer was inspired by a 15-year-old drawing. Maybe there are connections to BGE1?
    • Teased numerous times that Dakini is related to Jade
    • Jades dark side
    • The origins of Carlson and Peeters are something they want to go into
    • Christophe Héral is confirmed to return for the OST
    • No exclusivity planned
    • Addressing concerns for mature dialogue: It'll be characteristic for few characters, they want to experiment with a variety of different ones. Ancel says he considered making dialogue optionally family-friendly, compared to Brütal Legend
    • Glass structures will be destructible, e.g. headlight in the trailer and police barricade colliding with a building
    • A Police system, "GTA in space"
    • Cities are built structured. Upper echelons are advertisement-free and dedicated to spirituality.
    • The mothership is represented by an NPC entity similar to Secundo in the first game
    • From Ancels Instagram
      Translation from walikour: We want to develop the world of BGE1. The origin of the DomZ, hybrids and why not Aunt Hortense(ElPrimordial mentioned it is probably Geneva in other localisations). BGE1 is in the middle of the trilogy, so we will make a game in the past then another one in the future.
      In short: The trilogy still is a thing but replanned
      Also, do we know how the games are linked that way: BGE2, BGE1, BGE3.
    • Mod support will be looked into. Michel posted on his Instagram: "Modding: We'll work on it for sure"
    • Work from the community over HitRecord already gets used in the game.
    • The mineral hybrid slaves need to collect on the dangerous side of Soma is Diwalite (the name comes from Diwali festival of light)
    • Diwalite is used as powersource/source for Nanobots, Propulsion Engines and Cloning!
    • Diwalite needs to be harvested within seconds because it is that unstable.

    Technical stuff we know
    • The game runs on a so-called Voyager engine.
    • Planet modificating effects are a thing (Probably the ice wave shown in the second trailer?).
    • A full simulated SolarSystem, no tricks (day-night cycle on a natural basis).
    • Biomes
    • Extremly high draw distance!
    • Large destroyable objects(What we know limited to glass right now)

    Some stuff shown in the Reports
    Don't take any of the shown content as set in stone! As shown in the video it is super early behind the scenes view at the work. For that reason, I advise you not to judge the game on the report content as of yet. Also, some content may get ditched through our input

    • It was never planned as a Prequel.
    • Very early character creation was shown. Types are Human, Monkey, Cat-ish, Dog, Rhino, Shark, Pig-ish and a Reptile (crocodile) with no tails. Important to note here is the focus on the base human shape as of date.
    • There is no AI planned like Secundo for the player. Instead "Officers" which are the people one is able to hire are meant to take such a spot as Secundo.
    • Ancel said no one will be required to play BGE1 for this game.
    • Vehicles painting options and multiple part combinations are shown. Keep in mind it is not perfect so you may see some clipping.
    • "Follow" for ships, so a friend can lead you to a location.
    • And Ancel hinted a dark side of Jade!
    • They work hard for a early access to give us playable content and a way for us to contribute more actively, but as of date, there is nothing to say here. But they let us know as soon as there is something.
    • K-Bups ingredients are still unknown and Michel Ancel has spoken and declared this as a no-go topic (He will probably refuse to answer any questions regarding this mysterious product)
    • Brothels will exist. "It is a mature game," said Michel Ancel

    Videos from the Dev-Team in chronological order.
    All videos are in this playlist.

    Latest Video Update 15.11.2019

    Yves Guillemot about BGE
    Spoiler:  Show

    All the Studios that are involved:

    A new Studio joined the Team! (Ubisoft Paris) 05.06.2019
    Over 600 000 Space Monkies have signed up so far.
    I think we can safely assume that almost whole Ubisoft is involved here.

    Update 07.08.2020
    New stuff posted bgegame.com a.k.a. beyondgoodandevil.ubisoft.com Newest is always on top
    I was in need to replace several links because the page changed. If you find any issues say it please

    Spoiler:  Show

    The Road Ahead

    HITRECORD Highlights

    HITRECORD Extension Announcement: New Challenges Await

    Space Monkey Report #6 Recap

    Space Monkey Report #6 - Livestream

    DEVS ASK SPACE MONKEYS #4: Space Pirate Character Customization

    Space Monkey Report #5 Livestream

    Space Pirate Fighter Customization

    Naraka: The Dark Side of the Moon

    Cityscapes: Districts of Ganesha City, Part 1

    Diwalite: The Ultimate (Re)source of Power

    Creating a 24th Century Shanty: 40 Lashes

    Space Monkey Report #4: VOD & questions answered!

    Space Monkey Report #4 Pre-Alpha GAMEPLAY

    HitRecord Highlight #2

    BGE2 COSPLAY GUIDES (72,1MB download)

    Space Monkey Report #3 changed DATE!

    New Space Monkey Report #3 (DATE CHANGED to 7th next month)

    Meet the Characters from the E3 2018 Trailer

    BGE2 & Space Monkeys @E3 2018

    BGE2 & Hitrecord: Communities creating together

    Space Monkey Goodies for E3


    System 3 Planet Scenes

    About Vehicles! Provide your ideas!

    New vote!


    Devs asked us

    Livereport 7th December 2017

    Hybrid Exploitation

    Devs asked us

    Spaceship Focus: Merchant Mothership

    #WEAREUBISOFT//Space Monkeys Unite! Link is gone now

    Character Focus: Hsing-Hsing

    Fan Creation Spotlight 2

    The first time the Devs asked us

    Character Focus: Kim Hyun-Jun

    Fan Creation Spotlight 1

    BGE2 Character Line-UP 01

    • Number 1 as of date not known
    • Number 2 as of date not known
    • Number 3 is Kim Hyun-Jun
    • Number 4 as of date not known
    • Number 5 is Knox.

    The First Look into the engine(And Michel is able to brag about it )

    Anyone did find some BGE easter eggs in the trailer?

    Meet the BGE2 Characters from the Trailer

    Cityscapes: Ganesha Inspirations

    Get to know BGE2 and the team behind it

    BGE2 - Space Adventure like no other

    Space Monkeys!

    Artists that are related to BGE2(get your wallpapers here!)
    Spoiler:  Show

    Patrick Bodard
    Animation Director at Ubisoft

    Dujeu Sebastien
    Concept Artist at Ubisoft

    Omar SABROU
    Senior Concept Artist at Ubisoft

    Guillaume ARVIEU
    Production Marketing Art Director @Ubisoft

    Pascal Ackermann
    Senior Character Artist - Ubisoft Montpellier

    Pierre Bertin
    Concept Artist at Ubisoft

    Gaël Chauvet
    Marketing Artist at Ubisoft

    Fred Augis
    Freelance Concept Artist

    arnaud caubel
    concept artist

    Morgan Yon
    concept artist

    Florent Duport
    CG Artist at UNIT-IMAGE

    Guillaume Mollé
    Senior Character Artist

    Ribeyrolles Leo
    Senior Lighing/Compositing-Digic Pictures

    BGE FEST News

    Platforms for Release:
    Other than PC unclear. There is a lot of work behind the scenes and games down develop themselves over night.
    There has been no date which stated a release anytime soon. From personal experience expect this game on the next consoles rather than current gen.

    Questions? (Updated 31.07.2019)
    The answered questions of #askbge will be displayed here too in the area where they match or I make an extra list if we need one.
    You may also find your answer in the first game. Lucky YOU! There is a Wiki for it.

    Also some answers to #askbge:
    Will we be getting a list of hybrid animal species? (from Limetail on Discord)
    We have shared a lot of our in-progress research, particularly during Space Monkey Report #4. We're still working on the final list, but you can be sure that monkeys and pigs (displayed in our two trailers) will be in the final game. Other hybrids appearing more briefly in our trailers will also make it to the final game.

    What other cultures do you plan on including in the game? (from Limetail on Discord)
    Indian and Chinese cultures will have major roles in the game, but looking at the Legendary Characters shown in our trailers could help you guess what other cultures we want to explore in the final game…

    Will there be underground cultures (such as street racing or niche music scenes) as well as nightlife in the cities? (Folezicle, Discord)
    The answer is yes: we will explore underground cultures in the game. The largest will be the one carried by Space Pirates, but also by Hybrids, who have their own beliefs and myths.

    Will there be underwater or subterranean exploration/mission areas? (ShastaSummit, Twitter)
    It will definitely be possible to fly in underground galleries on the planets of System 3, especially when exploring the giant mines where Hybrid slaves work.

    Will our race or human/hybrid status change our interactions with NPCs? (ketouki, Twitter)
    Yes, we want the World around you to react to your visual identity. Depending on whether you play as a human or as a hybrid Space Pirate Captain, you will not be welcomed the same way in different places.

    Do clones age? The Wiki needs this vital information! (Twitch)
    Yes, clones do age. Uma, in our second trailer, is a prime example of a clone who aged. But keep in mind that clones may age in ways that are specific to them…

    How does cloning work in this world and is the entire population made of clones? Are people still infertile during at the time BGE2 takes place? (Caracal, Discord)
    Clones cannot give birth. Human beings purposely created them with this limitation. Since clones were the only ones to ever reach System 3, the whole population of this planetary system is made of clones who were created in cloning centers.

    Are the DomZ going to be in the game? (Escope12, Discord)
    It's a little too soon to talk about that, but we can definitely confirm that the Alpha Sections will be back in BGE2. Keep in mind that, since this is a prequel, we want to explore the origins of many elements from the first game (as many as possible, actually).

    From Emile and Gab's speech before the demo, it seems like there's a lot of lore in the game, so how does this fit with the multiplayer aspect of the game? Would you say this is a very story-driven multiplayer game? (@joanes12, Twitter)
    We want our game to have a very deep and detailed world. As a player, you can expect to be fully immersed in this world, and the more you'll explore it the more you'll understand how it works. Narration will be a constant, carried by this rich world and the creatures who populate it. Playing the game solo or with friends will expose you in the same way to this world and all its narrative elements.

    Is there a limit to the distance between players in coop (how far can they go apart)? (Twitch)
    Technically, there's absolutely no limit to the distance between different players in the game, and that was made possible thanks to our engine, Voyager.

    What’s the correct pronunciation for “Diwalite”? Two versions were heard. (Kl00k606)
    The correct pronunciation in English is: “dee-va-light”. To learn more about this precious resource, check out our article about Diwalite.

    Can I be a hybrid slave master? (LordofZ)
    The game offers you the opportunity to play a Space Pirate Captain, but it’s up to you to decide what kind of pirate you want to be. So, if you want to treat hybrids poorly, it’s a choice among many others, but this could lead to consequences…

    Can you play as an evil pirate lord? (Caustic_Blade)
    There’s no “right” way to play a Space Pirate in Beyond Good and Evil 2. As the name of the game implies, pirates are never easily categorized, so playing as an “evil pirate captain” is certainly an option.

    Only male clones? Are there any female clones? (MettZilla)
    To create clones in System 3, there is an equal number of male and female DNA strains. For example, there is a female as well as a male hybrid monkey DNA strain.

    Can I just be a human? (Kittyattackship)
    Yes, of course, you can play as a human! At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose your physical appearance among different human and hybrid DNA strains.

    So I guess there will be no children in System 3? (Hydre39)
    Exactly, human and hybrid clones are born with adult physical characteristics, so there are no real children per se in System 3.

    Is Jade a clone? (LordofZ)
    There’s something special about Jade, isn’t there? But it’s too soon for us to reveal more about this character…

    Do you have to be taught to be a pirate? Aren’t you supposed to choose what you want to be? (Kl00k606)
    There are many different ways to become a Space Pirate (we described but one example, being rescued by a pirate, during the livestream), but in the beginning every pirate must learn the ropes and this starts with the Primera ritual.

    Space Pirate Tigers? Can I play a rhino? (Midnight_Fondler and Riosebalde)
    Hybrid tigers and hybrid rhinos are part of the DNA strain choices in Beyond Good and Evil 2, so you’re free to play as a Space Pirate Hybrid Tiger or Rhino!

    Will the camera still play a huge part in gameplay? I loved discovering and taking pictures of various wildlife. (Wazithepa)
    Since you’re playing a Space Pirate in Beyond Good and Evil 2, your new way of getting information about the world around you is through your spyglass. To see the spyglass in action, check out our pre-alpha gameplay demo in Space Monkey Report #4

    Besides Jade and Pey’J, will we see any other characters from the first Beyond Good and Evil appear here? (GrumpyGlitch)
    Like the appearance of the Alpha Sections in our E3 2018 cinematic trailer and the return of the Mammago clan in BGE2, keep your eyes open for more familiar faces from Beyond Good and Evil…

    Will there be more opportunities to contribute to HITRECORD challenges? (Iris_Network)
    Yes, we’re extending our community collaboration project with HITRECORD and will be providing more information about this soon.

    Hornaments? (HeyTrey_Live)
    We like this play-on-words a lot for the Mammago hybrid rhino concept art we showed! Like “hornaments,” we’re looking to have an array of character customization options available for players to personalize their characters (which is important in a world of clones!).

    BGE1 Facts

    People who provide content (Updated 07.05.2018)
    Also there is a dedicated NewsArchive information will be pulled from and a reddit posted by Johanson69 which offered us his collected information with sources. He allowed me to pull his information into this collection. Thank you Johanson69
    The reddit is outdated by now.

    Also a small disclaimer here (Updated 15.11.2018)
    Some Information may not be correct so do not take everything here as set in stone! Do you own research to be certain, the video playlist is above.
    I heavily recommend watching them. In general you can expect that the information is correct. I try my best to keep it correct.

    If you want to spread this post!
    Please refer to the original here. Otherwise I am fine with it.

    You are able to buy your own Knox here
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    Great post! *Clapping*
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    Nice and useful post. Thanks.
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    Things we can do:
    -Their will be dogfight
    source: Gameplay engine video ancel said that the spaceship was a dogfighter
    -Their will be submarine exploration
    source: the video linked down here
    -Their will be racing
    source: the gameplay engine show enough of gameplay to assume it will be the case and it's confirmed on the video below
    -Their will be mini games like poker etc
    source: video down here
    -You can play all side characters
    source: video down here
    -there will be Trade between city and depending what kind of city there are there may be slaves being traded
    source: video down here

    -I don't know where i read it but ancel want to make a playable demo at the end of this year.

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    Originally Posted by walikour Go to original post
    Things we can do:
    -Their will be dogfight
    source: Gameplay engine video ancel said that the spaceship was a dogfighter
    -Their will be submarine exploration
    source: the video linked down here
    -Their will be racing
    source: the gameplay engine show enough of gameplay to assume it will be the case and it's confirmed on the video below
    -Their will be mini games like poker etc
    source: video down here
    -You can play all side characters
    source: video down here
    -there will be Trade between city and depending what kind of city there are there may be slaves being traded
    source: video down here

    -I don't know where i read it but ancel want to make a playable demo at the end of this year.

    Acknowledged. He also said if they don't manage it early 2018.
    Now I made a own place for nonenglish videos^^ Many people including me probably can't get any use out of those, that's why I don't display them in full size. I furthermore wonder what the limit of a threadpost is^^ So I try to keep it short now

    However thanks for your contribution to this information base!
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    Originally Posted by Lyogron Go to original post
    Great writeup, Legion. I may have spotted parts where wishful thinking has taken over for a bit, but then again, I haven't really read all of the information at hand (though of course I was able to read the entire GameStar article in its original language ). Also, giving reference links to each and every info bit usually makes such a list excessively unwieldy – and people just don't read it if it's unwieldy.

    However, I'd love a few things to be fact-checked/added:

    • To my knowledge, it is virtually impossible to release a PS4 game "just for the Pro". Sony won't allow it. No idea whether it's the same for Xbox.
    • Playable team members ("side characters"): Haven't stumbled over this bit of info yet, where is this from?
    • "How big is the world?": This part seems to be conjecture based on Ancel's concededly (and hopefully) bloated announcements – or is it indeed a quote of those? In any case... this is the part where Ubisoft's marketing should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, no one even WANTS such an "incomparably big world".
    • One of the things that comes up again and again is e.g. the procedural generation vs. hand crafted panic. Ancel has said that all the cities or other places of interest/quest relevance are designed from the ground up, not procedurally generated. This could be added up there.

    Ansonsten nur weiter so!!
    I did know Sony has a somewhat existing quality assurance. To be real they don't do a hell lot imo^^ (Like blocking mods and games under 25FPS).
    If this goes for the PS4 it will 100% go for Xbox too(Because all version still use the same base chip).

    I somewhere gathered that with playable side characters and the poster walikour mentioned it too with a non-english source to it which is linked(I added it then, not before tho). I don't remember where I got that from, but it was one way or another from Ancel. Plus you gotta keep in mind he played Knox in the engine demo(Idle animations and moving everythings in).
    At this point there is no real Ubisoft marketing to the game yet. They first need the game to be a thing^^ But I have to say from what I saw that engine makes it possible and it is just about getting the world to be alive. I guess even if they pulled the worst they can do they are not able to make a NMS again xD
    "procedural generation vs. hand crafted panic" Didn't know that. I knew they used both tho. Man I hope we get space stations^^

    I take my information usually from quotes, the videos here or if the community spotted something on instagram.
    Chances are always we have false information, but I'm certain this is at this moment not the case.
    Anyone is able to mention heavy mistakes so this thread kinda gets self correcting.
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    eux meme incarnerons des personnages qu'ils ont créer, si j'ai envie de jouer avec knox ou un personnage de sa famille et de le faire grandir c'est possible, et ca on l'a pour l'ensemble des personnages du jeux.

    English google trad

    They will even embody characters they have created, if I want to play with knox or a character of his family and to make it grow it is possible, and it has it for all the characters of the game .

    if you see each character as a character created with the charachter creation tool ( hugh too much character ) it is possible to play every pirate of the game.
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    Thanks for the information.
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    This may friend too, should be discussed elsewhere^^. I think a lot of place will taken for safari space that you gotta explore for animals and stuff.

    "And this isn't because creating a planet of actual earth size isn't feasible; it's because a planet of earth size just wouldn't be fun."
    Well I havn't played the game and therefor no opinion on that^^. I doubt they would go this route unless Ancel and Team are sure about what they do. We will 100% see how this will unfold. I wonder what the space they have will be filled with.

    About speeds. We only saw the small ship
    I think they work at that right now.
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    YES! Thank you! This is what we need for this board! XD
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