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    He who laughs last...

    I have just finished my 1st game of today...
    Dominion was the chosen mode,,like to start with this to warm up..Nearing the end I started getting salty messages name calling for example on (ps4)..
    This was because many I was holding an area successfully near end of game 700+ for our score,240+ enemy score...many times 2 or 3 opposition tried to team up and gank,,once I had them near death I'd zone attack and finish them off...
    As I said this happened many times,,they kept coming back for more,,,thick as.
    So the salty messages started to flow but in due respect it was only one of them.
    The 3 were made up of 2 Shugoki and 1Conqueror,,their other player was Berserker..
    As if anyone would let Shugoki or Conqueror get near so they could charge,,bash and attempt to bully you...
    THE JOYS,,,LOVE IT,,,💮💮💮💮
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    Like wheat to the scythe!
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