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    Assassin's Creed Movie - Easter Eggs and References

    Just came across this video on youtube

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    JEEZ why put all those Apple of Eden easter eggs in the movie? yes I noticed a few myself but they handle it it's the only one in existence that's just bad writing.
    Some of them aren't easter eggs like the initiation because if that is a easter egg than the costumes are easter eggs to... And the outfits... And parkour...
    You know I never understood Rikkens office in Madrid. I knew he just arrived according to the Heresy book but you would expect that he had paintings of Robert de Sable, Haytham Kenway and a few other Templars he didn't mind. They could have made a scene with him sitting behind his desk and with a small camera shot we saw emails like ''Aerie, Isu, Piece of Eden 25'' that for example.
    I don't hate the easter eggs hell I like them but they could've been done better.
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