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    Watson Voice Commands are now live!

    We teamed up with IBM to add Watson's interactive speech capabilities to Star Trek: Bridge Crew! You can now give orders to your AI controlled crew members by pressing and holding the "orders" button on your controller and verbally giving them an order. At this time, it's only available in English. Whether you are playing completely solo, or just need the computer to fill in one of the seats in your crew, this will allow a Captain to easily give orders to the team.

    - Star Trek: Bridge Crew Team
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    Can we get more détails? as in is it the menu option ? Or can I say - Helm plot a course to Tyris System. Engenering charge the warp coils.

    A list of command would be usefull guys
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    Command list

    I concur wholeheartedly.

    I asked for "Tea, Earl gray, hot" and all I got was a sausage in my cup !
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    It's in the game, just try it out. You just hold down the controller button you normally use to give AI crew orders via menu (on Oculus Touch that would be A). It seems like Watson does recognize all commands that you could also give via AI menu.

    Whatever you say seems always to be relative to the selected target on the captains map screen. You can't reference targets by name.

    What it does understand:
    "Helm, approach target"
    "Helm, approach the freighter" (approaches the selected target, doesn't care if it's a freighter)
    "Tactical, arm torpedos"
    "Fire phasers and torpedos"
    "Cease fire"
    "Raise shields"
    "Scan target"
    "Scan for live signs" (does scan the ship, but scans everything)
    "Make it so!" (order to engage warp drive)
    "Transport survivors" (Will cause Engineering to do that, BUT helm does also start to approach the target, despite being in range and tactical firing on an enemy ship)

    What it does NOT understand:
    "Helm, get us within 10km of the target"
    "Helm, approach target while avoiding those mines"
    "Helm, bring us about"
    "Helm, keep a distance of 20km of the target"
    "Engineering, engine power level to 4000"
    "Engineering, beam survivors aboard" (this made the tactical officer (!) fire phasers on the ship!!)

    Conclusion: Nice and definitely less cumbersome than using the menus. However, I think the system should at least expose all possible orders a human could do at the console. Like scanning just for life signs or some specific power settings or rerouting power. Right now I think the game is still not playable in singleplayer beyond the first few missions. E.g. stealth is basically impossible and the 3 available power settings for engineering are useless.
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    Wishlist of things that shouldn't be too hard to implement:
    • referencing targets by name to overwrite target selection
    • referencing AI crew also by name instead of station
    • scanning of subsystems
    • better control over power distribution
    • when a command was only partially understood, the officer spoken to should answer, not a random one
    • somehow we need FAR better control over helm (avoiding anomalies or mines while approaching a target, keeping an enemy ship within phaser arc, ...)
    • stealth mode that prevents crew from increasing the ships signature without being explicitly ordered.
    • ordering a specific officer to the the transport or system disruption (at least transport seems to be always done by engineering)
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    I can't seem to get the voice commands to work at all on the Rift. I'm holding the Orders button and speaking the regular commands verbose, but nothing happens. Do I have to enable to some hidden feature? Is there supposed to be some feedback when holding the Orders button? Or... what? I am confuzzled.

    Edit: Never mind, I found the switch in the Audio settings. <rant>Shouldn't this be under Controls?</rant>
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    It is actually better then I expect for Going to Warp what works : Engage, Punch it, Make it so, Go, Go ahead.
    For full speed a head: Full steam ahead, full power on/ahead, full speed.... etc
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    Originally Posted by daxas01 Go to original post
    It is actually better then I expect for Going to Warp what works : Engage, Punch it, Make it so, Go, Go ahead.
    For full speed a head: Full steam ahead, full power on/ahead, full speed.... etc
    But no 'Ramming Speed', 'Military Thrust' or 'Don't Spare the Horses, Wesley', what a pity.
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    Also It doesn't Understand.
    "Helm, forward Bearing _____"

    It would be nice to move the ship in a Direction V's towards a target.
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    I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for a list of specific commands that are understood. How voice commands are released with no list of commands is beyond me. The fact that the community has to piece together a list through trial and error is absurd and shows very little consideration for the community by Ubisoft and IBM. Is it really too much to ask to be provided with a list of commands that Watson understands and carries out?
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