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    What are the best gear stats in your opinion?

    I've played around but can't seem to find what works best. What are your guys opinions??? Go.
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    Depends on you really. For me, I don't like downsides so I maxed out gear that benefits all stats. I figure I like the way the base version plays, so a general all around upgrade is perfect.
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    Wanna hear the damn truth? - it simply doesn't matter at ALL!

    Because? - well, ever since the gear system "overhaul" nearly all stats are worth sh1te and a LITERALLY ungeared rep 0 Centurion, can wreck any 144 fully epic geared characters perfectly fine (selftested!) - any more questions?

    Seriously the devs who thought of such a system being "cool", must be more than BRAINDEAD - yet, this is "For Honor" for you and everyone (still) playing it - Yheeeas (NOT!)
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    gear sys is unbalanced, because with attack near max and high def penetration, you can destroy everyone with a few attacks, should be def penetration even more in high gear( heroic an epic), and remain the same only in the common for help rep 0 hero.
    BTW, for anwer to your question i'll usually put :
    defensive gear parts: all with no negative stats, offensive gear parts : negative block dmg , health after execution or revive( depend of the type of match) and revange duration, and I put max attack in all parts
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    So defence pen over block damage?? I went the other way cause I wasn't sure how good defence penetration was
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