Hi all,

as first thing I would already apologise for any grammatical error; sorry about that

Than, for the DEV if they have the time to read and, why not, time and courtesy to answer:

  • can we expect to see a game more "stealth" focused?

For others players... feel free to discuss about the thread point if you want it

I mean that, personally, into the last AC (and Splinter Cell) I've lost the impression that the most important thing is to be stealth.

Yes, each player can play as he would, but if I think about the character progress actually the situation is:

  • More Kill I make (better make spectaculars one and, even better, combos) more XP my character would earn
  • If I make all the possible to avoid the guards and kill just my target... XP for the single kill.

Personally I found this situation a little bit frustrating.

I'm playing an assassin, ok, but with a Credo where unnecessary slaughter of innocents is restricted.

Well, we can speak about
  • "you kill all templars,..."
  • "yes, but they are just poor soldiers that they have to eat, feed the family,... that was perhaps forced to join the Templars. If you kill the head of the snake it wouldn't be enough? They wouldn't quit the ranks?"

To make short, I miss the real stealth defy and reward.

The impression, as said, is that you are moving all the game layout (same speech for Splinter Cell) from "ghost-stealth" to "FPS", and this really saddens me (don't know... perhaps I'm the only one with this impression).

As Idea... and please didn't look to much about the number of the points, actually they aren't thought as a "real possibility" but just as example of the mechanic:

each level would have TOT points:
  • if detected: -5 points
  • if hardcore and if suspected -3 points (-0 if not hardcore)
  • for each civilian killed: - 5 points
  • for each enemy killed: -1 points
  • for each enemy stunned: -0.5 points
  • for each target killed: -0 points (no variation)

at the end of the level you will have your subtraction (or not if you are really impressive) and result.

  • 100% of the initial points? Give ... XP
  • 99-80%? An other XP sum
  • 0%? Well... here you have to make a choice, as follow.

As "reward" you can have special skin, rank on uplay, forum badge,... (and probably I wouldn't be so good to earn them , but I would surely have fun to try)

Sure, it would require a little bit time to find a good system, to be able to make in sort that if I'm "bad", or just if I would go around the map and kill every single enemy, at the end of the game I would have unlock all the weapons/.... (but it's your choice, you can decide to make in sort that if we make always 0% we wouldn't unlock all and, in this way, force each player to be concentrate and try again, and perhaps again, and again... until he can make the best that he can)

Problem/Not Problem: If you have really good stealth players, this one can have perhaps all unlocked at the 50% of the game, but as I see this wouldn't be a real problem because their game style is "make just a single kill" (the arsenal didn't give a real advantage VS an intermediate level guard if you try to avoid to kill him).

Idea into the idea:

You can make "random" IA (perhaps this would just be implemented into the new IA system, but I think that it would be extremly mechanical -a fixed path with a fixed delay-) to give us always an other defy. It wouldn't be necessary to make "smarter" IA, just give them X random spawn and Y random route to surprise the players. If not, at the end, your players would already know where the enemies would be (let me take, as example, Ghost Recon Wildlands wher all know that on the roof of a certain village we would find a sniper, that the anti drone system would be at the position x...) and something unchanged at the end would be boring.

With a system as them that I'm trying to present (sadly with a poor English level) I think that the game can survive a little bit more than the story. Actually if you have done all the missions what do you make? But if at the end of the game you have reach just 70% of the total "reputation points" you wouldn't try to make a better result? And if the IA wouldn't be on the same position...

Ok, sorry for the errors, for the length of the text (and I hope you can all understand what I was trying to 'say' - not necessary to agree with them, just to understand -) and thank you for your precious time.

Have a nice day all and... it's Friday! Enjoy your games!