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    Inspirations for the System 3

    As you my know the dev team asked on bgegame.com wat were our thought on the GANESHA city of the trailer what other cities' inspiration we would like to see :

    I posted an answer yesterday there, but I also wanted to share it with you on forums :

    What you showed us at E3 with GANESHA is really promising, can’t wait to see what you have more !
    This city immediatly reflets the indian culture spirit. In the trailer we already saw temples looking buildings and that’s awesome.

    Maybe adding a main building of the city, reproduction of the Taj Mahal in a modern version of it:

    But I would also like to see, just outside of the city of Ganesha, some lonely building taking inspiration from tibetan culture :

    This could be achieved by looking at all the archives and documentations that has been done for Far Cry 4.

    If I needed to give some more inspiration ideas I would take example on … the first Beyond Good and Evil.
    Each shop, each district had it’s own personnality and it would make a perfect city of each one.

    With that in mind it would be intresting to see in the System 3 planet :

    – SHANGO-City
    From the name of an african god of thunder, drum and dance : http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/a...p?deity=SHANGO

    What made me think about it, is Mammago’s Garage garage. I would like to feel the same atmospher as it was when entering in the garage but now at a scale of a city.

    Here it could also take inspiration form temples and their particular architecture :
    http://footage.framepool.com/shotimg...-velo-velo.jpg (Tombouctou’s mosquee)

    Or even taking example of traditional villages’ habitations :

    That could be adapted in somle sorts of bigger and taller buildings.

    From the chinese divinity’s name of the Jade Emperor, direct reference to Jade from Beyong Good and Evil.

    This city would take inspiration from chinese culture and of the shop in Beyond Good and Evil (I forgot his name, I just remember (and I'm not sure) that the vendor was a Walrus Sapiens )

    The first part of the BGE2 trailer completly describe this environment. Big red buildings, neons, lanterns, dark streets, black markets, …

    And Iconic places, again in a modern fashion :
    https://cache-graphicslib.viator.com...ing-110778.jpg (Tian’anmen)

    In it’s population we could find gangs like triads in the same universe as Zhou Yuzhu and Li Daiyu characters of the trailer.

    From the name of the Goddess of Happiness, Pleasure and Drunkenness : http://www.godchecker.com/pantheon/s...?deity=HUITACA

    This city in middle of the desert would have cultural aspects from the South American culture. It would be a city of celebrations and traditions.

    It could have references to to “Day of the Dead” or “Santa Muerte”

    The city would be surrounded by massive jungles and agricultural plantations, like in actual Brazil :

    Temples would, again, be great examples of architecture :

    And in general cities would be really colorful. Like the actual cultural traditions :

    It would be intresting to take advantage of what researches Ubisoft Paris has already done for Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Bolivia.

    – VITRUS
    It would be a city taking inspiration from actual modern cities, with only massive glass buldings at it’s core and very poor suburbs.

    This would have a very rich population inside and very poor outside. Like an exageration of actual modern cities :

    From the Japanese’s culture legendary creature : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikiped..._Nure-onna.jpg

    This city could be inspired of a mix of modern Japanese architecure :

    But also from traditional architecture :

    Inspired by the actual Japan cultural different aspects, this city could have a high density population, including variety of robots and humanoïds.

    Inspired from the the slavic legends, symbol of wisdom and knowledge : https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com...2f6a8a968d.jpg

    This would be found in a very cold region. As a symbol of it’s name it would be set in the sky, some sort of floating city. This would give variety in the differnt types of city maybe offering new types of gameplay with it.

    In it’s design it could take example on Russian bunkers :

    And massive buildings, inspired by the communist architecture :

    Or iconic places :
    Like the Kremlin and it’s red buildings district.

    These are only few ideas I got, throwing some references pictures here and there
    Feel free to add some other ideas to complete this list !

    I will edit it to give as more references as possible
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    I would like to see something like the japanese electronics city Akihabara.

    If there is anything you need about electronics you get it there. And it's a fun place too.
    Very well know place to get anything you want.
    I easily could imagine such a place with multiple levels and skybridges for the game. Maybe with bridges like Bioshock infinite that fly around or something.
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    I don´t like so much this inspiration, I need a "inspiration" that means a thing for all races, no only elephants and pigs D:, more universal... statues with sharks or all the races that has Beyond Good and Evil 2
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    I'm pretty interested in those influences, we don't often see southeast asia in game, especially in a sci-fi universe.
    I just hope they will use other mythology maybe not as far to create a whole city but something like a water village which revolve polynesian myths.
    The fact they present the game involving a lot a religious influence for the hybrids, we will certainly meet different people with differing beliefs which mostly imply conflict, remember at the end of the trailer Dakini said something about true freedom.

    Speaking of influence and Dakini, she is so far the most intriguing character. Except the fact that she mostly a relative to Jade (we all thought the same thing), her name may be the biggest revelation so far.

    It seems that Dakini comes from the buddhism, it's a type a spirit meaning something like sky travel or a witch in other culture. A dakini most a the time sit next to a bigger deity like Shiva &co but she could also be revered as a local deity.
    That's a fitting name for spaceship captain and if she's really link to Jade that could be a huge hint for what is Shauni..
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