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    My ideas for the game.

    I would say You/Your//they/we/etc = Players of the game.

    1. make a Very alive environment, like ships traffic if ships coming from planet to planet some less then other planets, some more then other planets, and even on the planets [i think this is kinda already a thing?] since we will be playing roles as Space Pirates, it would be nice to jack freighter or Large Cargo Ship, some would require you to disembark to raid in there with your Crewmates or by yourself, also should be a Semi Rare -To- Semi Common of ships being broken down, you could either help them or take advantage their problems for your own, doing so could lead up to using the part or ship intact for you own use like selling it or selling the parts for currency, or do a good deed fix or tow the ship back for a chance of a reward or person joining your Crew, make this game soo alive that it would be a world that all of us would love to live in for Role Play or such.

    2. have the [Enemy] navy Faction go after you like in a wanted level style like in Need For Speed, decays over time when you not within the planet system or not with notice by the enemy faction
    but the faction should be deadly but easy to take down, like the more they are the more deadly they would be kind of challenge at the max Wanted level, and within the wanted level, there would be cane of you fighting bounty hunters, that would join in on the hunt with the navy, but not part of that faction. [Bounty Hunter Faction] maybe could be used by the player means too maybe? then the other enemy [Emeny+] Pirates, if there are other pirates that would be like your rival or enemy they fight kinda like the navy but with lack of resources but with use of gimmicks/special attack or abilities, that could disable engines or lower defenses, heal other ships the same stuff that you can do as a pirate yourself. [since Main Character Faction would be using Gimmicks/special attack or abilities also]

    3. Good & Evil Alignment System when you on an Evil Alignment you receive fear and respect From your Crew and as well from anyone else, this makes most of the enemy NPC to flee instead of fighting you beside the Navy Faction but they will drop the chase from you sooner, also getting things to a point with a Discount, on a Good Alignment will include a very high chance of getting support from other NPC or such. and loyalty and experience increase rate, certain characters will be available depending on your Personal alignment, Example: character like Pey'j, will be your Crew chef when you have a higher than normal, Good Alignment side until your Alignment is stronger on the Evil side unless the character is a loyalist [Max Level of loyalty] however this can be said for characters that will join you on when you on the more Evil Alignment and leave you when you're on a good alignment side unless again loyalist

    The thing that brings the player to an Evil alignment:
    High Rate: Mass killing of civilians or hybrids, Doing massive damage to a planet [IE: bombardment, firing nukes, or launching asteroids at a planet], pillaging poor low-income villages\planets killing your Crew member. doing Mission that will gain you a High Evil alignment.
    Low Rate: attacking or killing civilians or hybrids [Unless Self-Defense], attacking and pillaging Mid or High-income City, leaving a crew member behind to die or to their fate, doing Mission that will gain you a Low Good alignment.

    The thing that brings the player to a Good alignment:
    High Rate: rescuing hybrid or civilians from danger, beating/killing enemy captains, doing Mission that will gain you a High Good alignment.
    Low Rate: saving your own Crewmembers, beating or killing enemy pirates, doing Mission that will gain you a Low Good alignment.

    4.The Primary Crew System:

    Medical doctor: would give out Health over time buffs or higher health to your other Crewmates while not on the Field of battle while on the field of battle the effect double or in that kind of way Medical doctor give out healing and health kinda buffs

    Mechanic: improves vehicle Repair Rate[docking repairs and repairs by tools or crate pickup, etc], improve weapons on vehicles or unlocked them, improve upgrade rate of vehicles, etc.
    give vehicle buffs when in combat with the player.

    second in command/lieutenant/Trainer[something]: improve on stats of Crew members on the field of battle, accuracy, durability, give out buffs, while not on the field battle as well as give more buffs while on the field of battle.

    Chef: improve the rate of loyalty and experience gain in as well morale, fix awesome meals [don't have to be.], have a chance to cost Random buffs, some good some, bad depending on the character, or such,

    have the ability to issue commands to your crewmembers, kinda think like battlezone Redux for example, but not too complex for the user.

    5. The Morale System: crew characters with low morale will attack slowly, while crewmembers with high morale will attack faster and do more damage.

    6. be able to Rob or Plunder in any style: stealth or gun blazing, gunpoint, etc, like in a game of Saints Row you have the option to go in-store when they are Close at night and be able to steal money or item with a mini-game with the joystick without alerting the personals, and this was a thing you can do at any time, day or night. I think this would be something nice for the game.

    7. it would be nice to have a Lifestyle of so sort like Disney animation TaleSpin, being the Air Pirates characters, but as Space Pirates, But lack of incompetence. [hopefully] xD

    8. Random Crewmembers that are loyalist [Max Level of loyalty], can be saved in a character slot of some sort like a contact list from a phone and you can edit that character over time, it would be awesome if they are like 10 or 20 save slots of those kinda.

    9. since character creation is a thing for this game be nice to a lot of slots to make multiple characters, it also is nice we could make our own crew too if that's a possibility.

    10. be able to carry the wounded or in general due to the character you make, this would be awesome if we can have a large species like bear or gorilla double wield Rocket launchers, and carry two bodies.

    11. New Game+

    12. Skirmish mode?

    13. be able to own a lot of vehicle space and non-space/ flight vehicles as well as non-flight vehicles. [Any vehicles <3]

    14. a lot of fun and nice side mission and quest.

    15. a good set of customization options and type as said before.

    I think that it, if not a make part two or something, I hope all you the space monkeys doing okay within these times, Stay Safe and Clean.
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    should have previewed this before I posted this I didn't even know it was going to be this big
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