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    Beyond good and evil 2 End Game Planet bace idea

    Hey Dev team

    I have no idea if it is too late too add my idea too your guys thoughts, but i was thinking of like a end game choice where you chose ya favourite planet or unlock the world hilliys getting a home bace on the planet too upgrade decirate with the game curnncey etc.
    As well as co-op games attached too world events that involve you protecting your bace/planet home from Attacks, through shields like in the first game/ turrets etc.
    Maybe even add multiplayer aspects too the bace, just thought it would be cool too have a aspect like this once finishing the game too keep the game more interesting, adding form play hrs, while Also being able too showing off your base too ya mates that you have designed and upgraded.
    While also maybe doing defense missions and what not tha you all that was my idea hope you guys recive this! Can not wait too play the game and learn more about it!
    Just wanted too add a few more suggestions too my idea I was thinking of how all the vehicle's ships etc are all driveable and that adding a massive hanger too the planet bace would be amazing to store any stolen or brought ships or dog fitters etc collected throughout the games would be just perfect haha
    Your all doing an amazing job!! Can't freaking wait!!
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    I love the idea of karma and there being a consequence for your actions/decisions! Someone also mentioned that maybe it would a level of variability, which would be so fresh too! Super ideas!

    Wanted would work well too, but to me that is more law vs spirituality, so I get the karma thing. Maybe it could be both? If you did some morally wrong, then karma gets you later... at some point when you least expect. If you broke a law, then your wanted right away. Cool concept!

    Originally Posted by o_FinalBoss_o Go to original post
    Good idea with karma. If it adds variability as a result of the game. I hope that photography of flora and fauna or picking up pearls not disappear. I would also like to see the race as in orig. game.
    Originally Posted by Flowpiece Go to original post
    Hi evryone !

    Let's give your imagination to inspire the team on this ambitious game which is BGE2 :

    Go through your mind, from new concepts to little feature

    Like Michel Ancel said, we are all welcome to participate !

    Let's start

    I would love to see in this game a karma rate, i understood that the spirituality will be an important part of the background, it would be awesome if our actions could influence our reputation, we could be the most horrible pirate, participating to the slavery trades, or pirates fighting for the hybrids rights.

    for example a planet would be like in south USA in 1800 and we would try to kill the traders and chiefs of these places to help people to get back their freedom

    it could be a good idea to chose our religion, differents religions giving you differents features

    a wanted system, if you have a bad karma, you make a lot of money, but the space police would be looking for you, you could be one them looking for criminals.
    in this system, the wanted signal could give details about this criminal where he could be located, a picture of his ship, his race...

    I would love to develop this idea but let's give place to yours
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    Originally Posted by ablazedsnake47 Go to original post
    One thing I love about another game is the fact you can have perma death mode on. Meaning any npc who dies in any way shape or form is permanently gone, this could be a very unique and diverse experience for many many palythroughs. Imagine your on a mission, and you need Joe shmo to get you clearance for a place.... and for some reason you off the poor schmuck. Now you have to find another way to complete said objective or loose it all together. I know there will be those who say thats dumb, but if you like to take time with your games like I do, and love when unexpected/realistic things happen in games. I think this would be a amazing feature, and once again doesn't have to be mandatory, but there if you love a challenge. Also could be interesting if your spaceship has a damaged hull going into space might be fatal.
    If the death of an NPC closes a certain path and tells you to look for a different solution, I do not know if it will be a good idea because in my opinion we will get tangled up in a completely unnecessary expansion of the plot, which will tire the player rather than encourage.
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    Vehicular Combat

    In the races, it would be cool to add vehicular combat in races, as confirmed, with melee and potentially ranged weapons. However these will not have to be implemented in every race. Some races will have no weapons or combat for a sense of variety and a different option to people who would not like to play with it.
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    I would love a very minor detail of being able to sit on the wing of the ship as you look over the planets, or maybe other animations as well such as lying down or playing cards on the wing
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    I just want a squirrel, a panther, a white tiger, a gecko, a puffin, a raven and an owl as playable mutant characters, hybrids, clones (or whatever they're called?). Other than that, I'll reserve all my likes and dislikes about the game, once I have played it. I'm sure that there will be million of people chiming in about their likes and dislikes, once they too have played the game. That's a certainty!
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    Choices with different outcomes


    I like the choices and outcomes in RPG open-world games a lot. The issue I have seen in many past games is directly related to lack of focus within the story, disappointing results, or a sizeable open-world game that never ends or tends to become too overwhelming and monotonous. A game that ever updates its content yearly and seems never to end is too overwhelming.

    I love everything I've seen from this game so far, the storyline seems immersive, the character customization is incredible. However, I have yet to see anything on the loot system.

    With a game this extensive, the looting system tends to be holding my attention span as well as the art, graphics, character, and vehicle customization content. I like hidden stash points here and there, mysteries, and quality loot. (it's a space pirate game, so I have faith in you).
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    A minigame with the piggie. Kinda like an easter egg.
    The scoreboard could be online (choice), so we could compete for the highest score. :Đ
    Something like an arcade machine, and you have to go and shotgun stuff with le pig and occasionally oink oink some bastards with a glorious body (head-ish?) slam.
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