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    for beyond good and evil 2, you should lots of bipedal creature forms like birds, kitsunes, dragons, killer whales, wolfs, snake, elephants, dinosaurs sea creature like electric eels etc

    different society per planet should have different caste system so some race are more favored so have better perks if go to that plane, example in tropical planet bird or parkour type and aquatic hybrids have better benefits than most slow land hybrids

    maybe add cooking, relationship pair up characters or npcs that unlock quests with unique rewards
    there should be some floating continent quest only accessible by flying type hybirds, deep sea explore can be done by marine life hybrid, strong big hybird do exclusive quests

    maybe minigames involving opening a bar/restaurant to run like create and find recipes, equipment decorations, upgrades to automated where you can gain some income both legit or black market or adventure,

    including some elements like snow rain typhoon cloudy which affect certain enemies appearance with means certain elemental weapon has more damage that day like electric>rain, rain>lasers, nature> rain

    these days people like animorphism events(recall mighty max lizardmen? guyver anime zoanoids? conan adventurer werewolf? BNA? log horizon fox tail? cat like zues race beastman from king of thorns
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    BG&E2 Jade.

    Пожалуйста! PLEASE!
    Make it so that at the end we can play as Jade, fight with someone with a staff. And it all went into credits. With a hint of a sequel to the final third part.
    Naturally, in which the main character will be Jade.
    We love you with all our hearts Michelle.A.! Please do the last third part. We will wait.
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    thoughts of quarintine

    just saw the trailer, just had some fresh ideas i wanted to share.

    i noticed in the trailer the concept of meteorites hitting the planet or different planets, which have lots of different effects on the game as well as provide minerals/metals/materials, but what about different varieties of life
    it would be so interesting if parasitic aliens as well as diseases that can affect the environment, animals, character health and even genetic mutation or genetic degradation. all would provide a really interesting game play as well as enhance the story.

    different types of genetic experiments on possible pets or even MINIONS, which could range in many types of character/fighting/travel modifications as well as styles for species for potential pets on and off planet. DNA collected from different species on different planets could also add to the futuristic space vibe, as well as add a really interesting view to different types of technologies and or story lines.

    a specific choice of name to be called, so you can hear different characters call you in different tones, instead of seeing your name written down or interact without introductions. names could be changed based on experience or achievements unlocked or even depending on whether you choose to be good or bad.

    also having potential children with different species or hybrids, depending on what species or hybrid you are should also have a big effect on what the outcome of the child's genetics are.

    since it is the future and you have already considered hybridization why not go further into DNA sequencing. it would be amazing to unlock different skills over time based on the species of animals that your character has hybridized with in the beginning to get a unique feel to your character.

    it could be cool to join and learn and even gain skills from working in usual every day professions. doctor, surgeon, cop, pilot, security, garbage man the point is it will add to the huge world and add options to game play and the individuality everyone loves to feel with these open world games.

    if you have found any interest in my ideas and are apart of the developing crew pleas email me lango3520@gmail.com and i will be happy to provide more fresh ideas.
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    I propose Musical Club in the city, where some music 's done by community could be heard.

    And maybe some arcade room . Where you can play musical level.

    Good old blues backing track, and blaster singing penta futursynth.

    I love musical levels.

    I love the idea player could improvise.

    I love arcade, i love gameception;

    I want place where we could destroy ships by resolving algebra's problem.

    I love the idea that game can bring art and sometime a bit of pedagogy.

    Too much to say actually, we could imagine so much happening in a big city, to make it feel alive, I don't know what's direction take the game exactly, but possiblities are so many.
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    Originally Posted by Flowpiece Go to original post
    Hi evryone !

    Let's give your imagination to inspire the team on this ambitious game which is BGE2 :

    Go through your mind, from new concepts to little feature

    Like Michel Ancel said, we are all welcome to participate !

    Let's start

    I would love to see in this game a karma rate, i understood that the spirituality will be an important part of the background, it would be awesome if our actions could influence our reputation, we could be the most horrible pirate, participating to the slavery trades, or pirates fighting for the hybrids rights.

    for example a planet would be like in south USA in 1800 and we would try to kill the traders and chiefs of these places to help people to get back their freedom

    it could be a good idea to chose our religion, differents religions giving you differents features

    a wanted system, if you have a bad karma, you make a lot of money, but the space police would be looking for you, you could be one them looking for criminals.
    in this system, the wanted signal could give details about this criminal where he could be located, a picture of his ship, his race...

    I would love to develop this idea but let's give place to yours

    Maybe also if they incorporated features to the animal humanoids they have instinct abilities related to the species of animal they are mixed with? Could be a fun addition.
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    Prema death mode!

    One thing I love about another game is the fact you can have perma death mode on. Meaning any npc who dies in any way shape or form is permanently gone, this could be a very unique and diverse experience for many many palythroughs. Imagine your on a mission, and you need Joe shmo to get you clearance for a place.... and for some reason you off the poor schmuck. Now you have to find another way to complete said objective or loose it all together. I know there will be those who say thats dumb, but if you like to take time with your games like I do, and love when unexpected/realistic things happen in games. I think this would be a amazing feature, and once again doesn't have to be mandatory, but there if you love a challenge. Also could be interesting if your spaceship has a damaged hull going into space might be fatal.
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