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    The enemies loot / armor

    In BG&E 1 the enemies dropped money when killed. Here they should drop more than just that, like ammo, maybe keys for special places, even if you beat a boss you could take a piece of its armor, and things like that. the point is that the enemies can´t drop just money, but more useful stuff.

    Also another thing that could work as HP for the player is ARMOR. or it coul be an useless but a very nice cloth/skin. not so useless if it worked as a camo (a soldier suit would make you able to pass trough some guarded doors, etc.) only if you act like a normal dude, but if you run like a psicho or hit someone you get discovered.
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    Visual Customization out the Wazoo

    Games like this absolutely ooze with style, it's not just about big guns, police chases, robberies, and big set pieces, it's about all that and looking good doing it. Now this doesn't just refer to any one piece of the game in particular, it truly is everything, from what you wear to how your weapons look, to vehicle customization, to have a sweet customized headquarters or ship.

    First and foremost, your clothing, I know this'll probably be especially time consuming considering the range of races and body types we've already seen from the trailers, but having a broad range of clothes to choose from really can make such a huge difference in the long run. There's nothing worse for me than finding a game with solid gameplay and story and then the character I'm stuck looking at the entire time just looks drab or uninteresting. Lots of options, gloves, shoes, hates, layered clothing (Undershirt and jacket being separately equipable), lots of accessories for those that like that sorta thing, it's science fiction with an Indian twist, there should be everything from robes to leather jackets to badass space marine-esq armor to use, whether it has an effect on gameplay? I'll leave that up to your discretion.

    Second, vehicles. From what we've seen the scale of these worlds is truly something original, something that I can only find comparable to the partially hand crafted worlds of Star Citizen. I'm sure there will be a myriad of vehicles to play around with to explore on and off these worlds, but I'd love to see them be highly customizable to. Let us change up the shape of the fuselage, the wings if there are any, the hood type, the shape of the thrusters, maybe even make the color of the flames that shoot out of them a separate option. Let us control the colors of any lights and maybe be able to customize the pattern they flash. There should be decals and paint jobs a plenty, with as many different types of paint as we have in real life, though that seems to be a given. I'd also like to see something along the lines of a wear and tear option, with this cool, overgrown world we've seen with plant life everywhere I think it'd be cool to see that extend to the vehicles as an option to, at least for the in-atmosphere vessels. Let there be hanging moss and vines hanging off of a vehicle as an option, make the metal look worn and torn, like the vehicle was just dredged up from an old cave somewhere.

    And third, your hideout. I find this to be particularly overlooked in many games, you can get a home or a hideout but there's almost always hardly anything you can do with it, if at all in many cases. I'd like to see something along the lines of purchasable themes for your capital ship and/or hideout, each variably different that adds custom lighting and decorations, including larger things like crates and other forms of storage, all over the place. If these large ships are going to have interiors for you to walk about in and see your crew, let you really feel like you're home and that everything you see is yours, you need to be able to make it feel like home. I also think in addition to the overall themes for your ship interiors you'll also be able to customize those decorations that are added and place your own, it'd be fun to kill some insane mob boss so you mount his favorite gun over the hearth in whatever lounge area there is for your crew. This would also make for a good opportunity for cosmetic rewards for completing certain challenges, missions, or other dangerous encounters, be able to collect and show off highly unique memorabilia from the many hours that players will be engaging in the game, hopefully.

    To wrap things up, I'd also like to see the inside of your ship serve a purpose, not just as a space to meet up or talk to NPCs, I wanna be able to interact with the ship, sit down with my crew and listen to their stories or tell my own, maybe play some mini-games in the lounge, play or just listen to music, have a party, get drunk, you're basically pirates, so you should be able to live it up like one with the people you're going to be working with and trusting with your life. If I could have that and share that with the other players I'll surely be playing alongside I think it'd help to really truly engross myself and them into this awesome, vibrant world that you, the devs, are crafting. For anyone that took the time to read this, thank you very much, stay safe out there.
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    Road Rash Inspired Melee Combat Moto Speeder races!!!

    Alright so this is the grand idea,

    Moto speeder races through the epic futuristic cities of beyond good and evil 2. However with the added excitement and limitations of melee combat giving you the ability to bash a competitor off their bike with a club or nunchuck (COMPLETELY ROAD RASH INSPIRED). Thus maybe spawning a criminal moto-speeder element or just underground moto speeder racing scene in the story from this concept (But thats secondary to the gameplay from this players perspective). I could see this becoming a focus of some players game play, something they could really tweek-out on. And going further if you give them the ability to mod their moto-speeders, find new melee weapons (Like a Ridiculous oversized sword or club) to bash racers with this would be killer. When I say mods, think back to pod racer for n64. You could mod your speeders traction, handling acceleration and top speed. If beyond good and evil 2 had a road rash style racing component to it with these customizations, it would be incredible!!!

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    My ideas

    Hello to everyone,

    here my ideas:

    I want to meditate with the character.
    The Character can by meditating lose negativ karma.

    I want Hover Jetskis.

    I want to explore the animal world and vegetation.

    I want to buy ingame Penthouses where players meet an share time and also can design their apartments.

    I want a Bank card like in BGE 1.

    I want radio stations for own MP3s.

    I want some tracks from M.I.A like the song Bamboo Banga or Borders.

    I want The Song Om Ganesha from Sam Garrett.

    I want a first person perspective for the Hoverbike.

    These are just some of my wishes😊🙏
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    There could be a bionic implants system, with traits traits like not liking implants and developing relationships slower with implants users, or liking and having better relationship with it's user. And killing a implant user could let you loot his implant for both own use or selling. As a way of balancing the game, there would be a "body acceptance" system, a simple thing like a bar from 0-100, where, for example, you implant a bionic leg, it would fill 20 acceptance points, and when it reaches 100 you can't implant nothing more, having to replace or remove older parts
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    offering bionic implants.
    Maybe xray vision, admentium arm able to smash and throw, active camouflage skin, hyber memory expansion, super smelling capability able to sense the precense of danger and stashes close by. Iron lung able to breathe under water. These are just some ideas.
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    Have some roadmap we can follow a bit seems people are losing hope in this game project and forum activity has stagnated as well it seems, as for the game it self i would like something like the weather system we had in Red dead redemption 2 with clothing being needed to fit the environment we are in so in hot humid areas maybe not a big heavy coat and in a winter or frozen area maybe not run around in a bikini if doing so it would have negative effects stamina or health based draw backs.

    Weapons i would like to see every type from a good old blunderbuss and cutlasses and even flint looking blasters in their shapes, i loved the sort of emergency shield or just shield we saw in the trailer when she ejects from the fighter to get back into the ships hangar bay area, that mixed in with some clunky space suits would be awesome, and worn down clothing is always good and if the gear is new when you get it and you slowly lose the "new" look and gets run down look eventually.
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    Your Mothership

    I think a cool feature would be to take over really large ships and keep them as your own. For instance the big *** police ship in the e3 2017 trailer could be a great candidate. where you would be able to sneak in and take out guards one by one until you get to the control are where you could drive off into space to evade the police firing at you and the remaining police on the ship would be outnumbered so you can decide to kill them all or force them to be a part of your crew.
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    regarding the status of 'beyond good and evil 2,' I no longer believe that the game will ever be forthcoming and that indeed, the entire concept has been an experiment in marketing hype.

    Originally Posted by Flowpiece Go to original post
    Hi evryone !

    Let's give your imagination to inspire the team on this ambitious game which is BGE2 :

    Go through your mind, from new concepts to little feature

    Like Michel Ancel said, we are all welcome to participate !

    Let's start

    I would love to see in this game a karma rate, i understood that the spirituality will be an important part of the background, it would be awesome if our actions could influence our reputation, we could be the most horrible pirate, participating to the slavery trades, or pirates fighting for the hybrids rights.

    for example a planet would be like in south USA in 1800 and we would try to kill the traders and chiefs of these places to help people to get back their freedom

    it could be a good idea to chose our religion, differents religions giving you differents features

    a wanted system, if you have a bad karma, you make a lot of money, but the space police would be looking for you, you could be one them looking for criminals.
    in this system, the wanted signal could give details about this criminal where he could be located, a picture of his ship, his race...

    I would love to develop this idea but let's give place to yours
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    I'm sure that with all your teams ideas, plus 58 pages of comments and suggestions on this thread, that just about everything has been covered. I don't have time now to go through all the comments, so I'll just make 5 simple suggestions that have most likely already been mentioned more than once.

    1) Gambling and/or gambling hall.
    2) Bars and stripper clubs.
    3) Outfits, accessories and emotes.
    4) As much customization for everything in the game, as possible.
    5) Pets to follow us around, if possible.

    I can hardly to pre-order the Ultimate Edition of BG&E2!
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