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    Simply to walk

    Honestly, and i know this may seem trivial but, personally I would just like the ability to walk and enjoy my surroundings. I hate to compare but, similar to the way Rockstar games lets their characters walk around and then choose to job and sprint. For me it just adds a little more weight and intimacy to the character I'm playing. Given the size and of going from a giant ship into my own, smaller "star fighter", I would like to have it FEEL like its my mother ship, and not look silly "gliding" or just running around it. That always takes away from the belief.
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    I think this is good, even giving your online missions to gather things in order to complete a bigger job would be awesome!
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    Little jobs that come together to form bigger ones!

    I like the idea of creating smaller objectives for each crew member to complete in order to be ready to tackle the MAIN mission objective. Designating these missions to your crew and having the option to join them to complete said mission is an awesome way to keep a sort of bond between players and their pirate crew. Some of my favorite things in GTAV was going on the missions to find a certain van and certain uniforms or having to acquire the right supplies in order to be ready to complete the main objective.
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    I would love to be able to fly to a remote location on a planet, maybe a lush forest, and then set up camp. Maybe a rent, but atleast a campfire.

    The campfire could be passiv, meaning it does nothing but the visual aspect or it could enable some sort of crafting etc.
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    It is easy.
    Just make it as BGE1.
    By that I mean. Minimal customization and a great storyline.
    And I say that because with customization comes blur (when you will discuss about the game you cannot have a specific looking character or ship..)

    I don't like customizations for this type of game.
    Think about if BGE 1 had Beluga or Hovercraft customization...you could never make true artwork out of it..because everyone would have had it a different color and looks.
    Just don't mess this up. This is my favorite game...along with Max Payne series.
    (make it like reading a story from a book...not fancy stuff where we can change how things look. )

    Thank you!
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    Next Gen Multiplayer System option!

    I think for multiplayer it would be really cool if eventually you guys could implement a like Open world 200 player multiplayer system like how (Improbable Spatial Os multiplayer system is set up where it can basically allow you to in theory have unlimited amounts of online multiplayer simultaneously its worth giving it a look at to see what it offers especially for a massive open world game like this it would for me make it like the ultimate game I’m not a rep for them or anything but Worked with it before on a crappy system testing it and it’s working sooo freaking excellent! But great job still this game is going to be so awesome!
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    Just this.

    Good sound effects (a katana should sound like it cuts the air with every slight move and strong single fire weapons should sound like fu*king .50Cal snipers, u know, like Fire Force but not as exaggerated)

    And creative weapons (not just boring same weapon but different stats and color, make other weapons and also not just make like an alien looking pistol, make something never seen before (Charge shots always makes weapons feel more powerful) )
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    As a person who is color blind and struggling in certain environments it would be nice with a sort of "Witcher vision" type of thing with items being highlighted if we have any form of puzzle or important thing to find in an area a lot of stuff blends in.
    In some games it would lead me to do a search grid type of deal and mouse over everything in a large jungle area, i had a lot of ohh s..t moments in the farcry games and such when a venomous snake would either bite my character or be extremely close to them when i was in a wooded / jungle area so in either search area's or in the open world a form of Vision with maybe a cooldown would be a nice thing to have.
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    I would love to start the game knowing I would be in complete oblivion of real life, just emerge myself into a whole new experience. With a strong story line and great side quests - do not forget side quests - cause its the most important thing to have when you finish the main story. Good examples of an amazing experiences is Skyrim, I want to look up and see that beautifull sky, caves, underground "worlds". I also grew up playing Ratchet and clank and Jack and Daxter, those are some games that will completely envolve you in the story. You almost feel like a main character of it. Also they have great environmental design. Every planet has its own special terrain, animals and "culture". I want to see that when I explore BGE 2. These are just some good games you should have as examples. My humble opinion.
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    Hippos should be a hybrid choice
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