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    Interacciones entre personajes

    Que los personajes puedan interactuar entre ellos y tener relacion. Que haya diferentes trabajos y podamos tener propiedades como apartamentos, aparte de las naves espaciales.
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    Blood, Gore, and dismemberment.

    I would love to see this game with some great blood& gore, so combat will feel good, and not dull and booring.
    Far too many games have so bad blood & gore that it will get booring far too quick.

    Just make it optional for kids, if that is nessassery.

    This game can be very big, if made right.

    Great Blood & Gore.
    Pain/suffering, when shot etc.
    Good stealth options.
    Freedom to do what you want.
    Gambling in casinos (maybe)
    Great character customization.
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    Adding companions, or some sort of network of allies

    Being able to send out allies to gather resources, or explore and help you in fights would be pretty imersive. The ideia of having a pirate crew at your service is awesome.
    I'm thiking of something like Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, but with more depth and meaning, as your allies are not your servants but they are your crew.
    Now, being too ambitious here, playing as the members of your crew would be insane. But i think that is not the point of the game tho
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    Rabbit race

    hello there, I would love to see a playable rabbit rave
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    My Ideas...

    - Another really fun and unique way to traverse around the city would be to do parkour and free running with Assassin’s Creed like controls or movement. So if there were roads or more surfaces to do that, it would be really cool.

    - Shops or Black Markets would be a good way to acquire new clothes, vehicle upgrades, and weapons. There could also be workshops to just acquire vehicles and more expensive upgrades.

    - For the character customization, a more detailed way to customize your character would be to allow facial structure selection and more specific details in the customization.
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    Another idea

    - In the game, when you get your own crew, another feature should be to create your own logo. Kind of like MGSV.
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    Mod support

    I think there should be mod support above all. Ubisoft has never let players in on their games, and we've always had to resort to two-bit criminal methods to gain access to files, and even as of today, neither Scimitar Engine nor Jade Engine nor Anvil Engine games can be modded. I say let us in, not all of us are pirates and hackers looking to cheat our way into or out of something. Cheat detection can coexist with modding.
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    I’d like to see a return to the fighting style used in assassins creed II to syndicate with animations where the enemy fights back and grapples with players. Also bring back the one shot kill archery system from assassins creed three so when players aim their bows they can lock onto enemies before firing.
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    Be cool if there is a big customization lists for

    Character modifications/robotic limb replacments/armor upgrades

    Ship building and armor and gun upgrades

    Clothing dyes for all colours

    Base building

    Space and planet/gang territorys

    Weapon upgrades/colours/dyes

    A brig/cell on the mothership so can catch enemys or othere online players catch them with futuristic space net gun

    Hope these ideas help
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    An open world game without PVP is not complete so i for that you can create a planet with rare resources but pvp enabled their so it can be fun to raid but then we will have to add an inventory system in the the character so he drops whats on him , i don't want to get into the technical stuff XD rough idea this is .
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