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    black market stuff and customizing/creating weapons! :D :D

    Hello Ubisoft Team,

    here are some of my ideas:

    point 1) do you know why does GTA franchise was overpopoular ? Because more than the whole gangster fun stuff... it gives you the possibility to do so much stuff. And so much illegal stuff!! Then I indroduce my black market idea, if it hasn't been already proposed by someone else. For a M-Rated game, I don't think it will be a problem to indroduce such themes! And PLAYERS WILL LOVE IT I CAN ASSURE YOU!

    ***Cryptocurrency, hacking, fraud, theft, slave trading, etc. Weapons manufacturing and selling, upgrading and creating and customizing your weapons TO SELL them after!! ideas are limitless**

    point 2) weapong creation system. customisation, selling and buying them! people will crave it. just talkiong about it makes me want to play!

    point 3) assault on ships, buildings, etc.

    thats all folks! enjoy I hope to see some of my ideas in the game... or some later DLC or patch hehe

    seems like a nice game though! I will buy it for sure!!!
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    Things to do

    This game already looks awesome, After watching the game play of Ganesha city, just wow. There are a few things I would like to mention.

    1) The world's and solar system look amazing. I just hope there is lots of side quests, places to visit, secrets, and unlockables in places like the meteorite covered side of the planet.

    2) I don't mind paying for DLC aslong as it is of a good standard. Please let there be some awesome DLC.

    3) interesting and depth filled characters and/or companions. This for me makes playing with companions and crew so much more interesting. I want to know about them, give them a story or background so we can build a bond with them.


    I look so foward to playing this game, I appreciate the devs and creators taking in an interest in players opinions and this will hopefully create one hell of a game. This space monkey can't wait!
    Thanks to all the people at Ubisoft.
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    Would we ever be seeing BGE 2 on console or just pc, having the game on console just like the first one and having it in pc would be amazing
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    We need these grenades!!!

    there should totally be some sort of grenades like some I've thought of - EMP or antiDEV, sticky, imploder.
    antiDEV/EMP - a grenade that can temporarily disable any vehicle or technology inside the blast radius

    sticky - a grenade that sticks duh

    imploder - a grenade that draws objects, people, and vehicles into the center on implosion, then exploding
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    You ruined it

    BGE is my favourite game ever. I play this game a couple times each year, even bought the HD-version once it came out for PS3 because I love it so very much. Like many fans I have been waiting for more than 16 years for a sequel to be developed. I am afraid, however, that this game will become a huge disappointment. BGE2 has been hyped for too long, progress is slow and I am afraid that by the time it finally releases it will be outdated compared to other simultaneously released games.

    I think that the expectations for BGE2 aren't just through the roof, but through the atmosphere and therefore cannot be met. You can never please everyone, so why include everyone's opinion? The BGE-fans already fell in love with the game! What is the added value of our opinion in this story?! The input will only be a distraction from the story. By including everyone's input into the game, you will lose the essence of the original game.

    In the beginning I enjoyed watching the space monkey reports, but in the meantime I have become really frustrated by the lack of new information that is released. It is always the same with a bit of new concept art that does not add anything to the story.

    Because development is so slow, everyone who has played BGE in the past will have figured out the general storyline for BGE2, namely:
    1) us becoming a space pirate and gaining a crew
    2) discovering the whole Domz situation with the Alpha Sections as their pawns and Jade as their ultimate weapon
    3) us saving the crew we've seen in the cinematic trailers, because why else introduce those characters in the trailers?!
    4) us starting/setting up the Iris network and fighting against the Domz, Alpha Sections and Jade, maybe collect evidence to inform civilians about what dangers are out to get us and thereby give rise to a rebellion against the Domz and the Alpha Sections
    5) in the end we will save Jade and she will flee with Pey'j to System 4 in the Beluga, using some kind of cryo-freeze or time-jump situation

    I cannot describe in words how disappointed I am.
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    Bounty system

    Hi everyone & space monkeys members..

    Am new member in BGE

    And I have an idea for this awesome game

    It’s bounty system for more rewards can be bounty on you or NPC or live player

    And thanks for all Hard work
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    I want to feel like we are walking on the worlds instead of skating over them
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    Make this A Legendary Pirate


    Hes initially a rapper haha, i was also going to put in a verse in the current HitRecord project and will still try to, however due to urgency and not knowing how far along the process Ubisoft already is in inputting something such as this this late, i thought to turn in this design first at least.
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    Yo i love all of your games im a huge fan all tho i got a idea for a game its basicaly 4 guys that are the leaders of a internation clan type of gang group basicaly all countries have their own clan leaders these 4 guys i was talking about in the begining are the bosses of these clans the leaders and basicaly its just them bieng bera badass they do parkour driving shooting and all of that gud stuff the clans are based on letters from a to z the 4 guys are the x clan leaders so at the begining they are like 13 to 16 and they discover that they are rly good at stealing,killing and all of those stuff so they said there going to be making a clan at first there was only the x clan made by these 4 guys:MARCO (the leader the very good driver) JARO(the smart one also very dangerous) DOMINIC(the guy thats like the funny one the one that drinks alot and has girls and so on also very dangerous)and finaly NORBI( the muscle this guy could knock out anyone in matter of second) ps(.if u dont like the names you can change them) so the x clan is a leader of england,hungaria,slovakia,and belgium the belgium one they sell it and get bera p and at the end the a,b,y, and z clan teams up and wants to destroy the x clan and become the leaders of the internation clan so they kill NORBI and DOMINIC so thers only 2 left and those are MARCO and JARO so they team up whit there closest friend in the clan the g clan which is leader of russia so they team up and win the war the president of america gets mad because the war was at america and destroyed alot of **** so they get mad and **** whit the clan so all clans got 1 mission and thats to deal whit the president
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    BGE2 a speceship game

    I used to play a spaceship game.
    It is a little game written by Java, with 20 mb game client, developped by only five developpers.
    But I enjoyed the game and I played five years before I left at 2015.
    I expect BGE2 to be a better spaceship game than the one I played before.
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