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    A nostalgia space bar whose name is written on a towel.

    A space bar which is on the other end of the universe.

    Where you go to hangout and interact with main characters and you discuss the game so far over some food and drinks. Characters doing goofy things, being in their own element and just very laid back. A few dad jokes and pranks.
    Only here will be food that gives you passive buffs with health points.

    Also has a Jukebox that plays the soundtrack unlocked so far and remix of the orginal.

    With two questlines:
    First questline for hunt of the orginal soundtrack CD collection from the first game. The CDs can be found with side bosses/NPCs who are hipsters, audiophiles, for some a memento from somebody the loved/hated, depending on the emotion of the track. Listening to a track and finding it gives you a passive buff.

    Second questline to find mini game cassettes scattered around the world by a game maker, who had secretly made a mini-game series of the main characters (basically their backstory, side scroller beat-em-up). I'd start by playing a base mini-game and winning the cassette as a reward because the proper reward was empty as no one bothered to play it and finish. The games would be filled with easter eggs that the players of the previous game would understand.
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    here is some of my ideas

    more races to choose for your avatar like kitsune(log horizon anime fox tail),dragons,avian,sea serpent, werewolf(.dothack ouka), choose back ground origin which affect some story plot with other npc reaction=perks, one planet should have a travel across ocean with scattered archipelagos(think pokemon anime travel around orange island),relationships pairings, great battle music with in game to anime cut scenes, open world, anthropomorphic animals npc should have tails including avatar creation, battle in the air and below sea, cooking, season holiday events like in animal crossing, bring out the true mass effect make important decisions, epic space battles which put star wars scenes to shame, single player is the most important, you can do multiple player with certain events as secondary, elaborate story where you can save certain npcs by doing side quests to keeping certain items prior to certain main arcs mission and then they join your party for example i want to be able to finally save kunkun a nogoard with her mother too in yu-no a girl whom chants love beyond this world,there should be rare enemies that only spawn at night day or raining snow fog hurricane season, grow stuff, romance scenes,

    scenes of nude people graphic turning into diverse seaviates by merging with creatures similar to street shark or guyver zoanoid creation anime plot with mad evolutionist whom later inject himself could be a good mission, it reminds me of saga frontier with researchers,also adding fishing,characters have unique stories, magical items or equipment that can transform you etc like flexible survival game

    controls can be kingdom hearts style fighting but during certain mini games or events could change temporary to different genre like rts in orbital space battle creating ships-fighters-stations=play out with different rewards to how well you arrange base

    of course half of these ideas for mechanics can be place in later expansion for this game immersive....
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    Rave planet.

    Imagine a planet which is a party itself. Full of neon lights, bass-boosted music, clubs, bars and gigantic stages just ready to give the people music they love.
    Sounds pointless? Imagine Vegas. A whole city destined for gambling and nightlife. That's something for a planet! And a whole planet destined for rave parties? That's something for the universe!

    It actually gives a lot of options to make a good story. Illegal drug trafficking? Looking for a person who owns a huge club on the planet? Or maybe you're looking FOR a special drugi which will enchance your muscles? Maybe someone lost somebody to the party and now he wants to find his old love, now a mindless dancer in a nightclub? Man, entertainment is a HUGE business and just can't go smooth and easy.

    With the game's semi-eastern setting (FAR EAST IN SPACE!) it's quite easy to put a planet dedicated to rave parties into the universe. Rave culture is often connected with meditation, looking inside yourself and spirituality in general. And, of course, drugs. Perhaps there would be a whole bunch of people declaring that they're just looking for deeper meaning, meditating in those parts of the clubs playing bge2-universe-themed chill music. A planet like this would be a destination for many different people for many different reason: Curiosity, a will to have a party of one's life, or just a check on your bucket list. After all you're going to see a legend!

    Huge neon elephants, visualizations made with the new tech, lots of colours, amazing party-themed culture crash and colorful dance floors pulsing with energy.
    AND the other side of the coin: Corruption, drug trafficking (hybrid trafficking?), underground palaces of nightclub lords, local mafia businesses, dark corners and silent bartenders, waiters and "company people" who silently notice everything.

    IMO that would fit quite nicely in the world. Rave parties are like science fiction and that-strange-culture-from-the-east blended together. Some people might give them a deeper meaning - maybe in BGE2 there will be a whole new way of life in which people will persue perfection with meditating AND dancing at the same time? I don't know, the sea of possibilities looks seamless.

    I guess I just want to see the lights!

    edit: I'm sure I made some mistakes when it comes to the use of the English language. Forgive me, good people, I'm a bit rusty!
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    A Suggestion

    Wow! A lot of ideas here for the game. Love it! I would like to add my voice to those who advocated for some type of base building and, relatedly, consequences for their in-game choices. For base building it could be something along the lines of Division 2, but I would like even more direct, like choosing which additions to have (maybe there is limited space, and you can only choose so many, limiting what services or bonuses you have access to...). And for decisions, I'm thinking something like Undying Light 2, where your support of different individuals or factions has a direct bearing on the story arc, including access to weapons, vehicles, property for development, etc. I think this decision making would make the gaming experience more personalized and,hence, more immersive and enjoyable. Instead of just another run-n-gun. We've got enough of those already...

    Decisions, decisions!
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    One great idea I see is in secret, aside i would definately fur to nip or scale as such sharks grey then nips white like the under body.
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    R-3 to target is ridicule yourself accepted and R changes target I love but target automatically like running across ropes, its action I choose Im engrossed.
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    Name Idea

    Originally Posted by SuperBiscotCOT Go to original post
    Haha You are welcome
    It would be great to name your character and be able to introduce by name for character. Also your companions and other NPCs will adress you by name. I know, it would be very hard.
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    I would like to see the holograms be used in stealth aspects like foliage or make you almost invisible, or cover tattoos completely to sneak around in areas and not be id, rather than just cosmetic, they could be a way to shape how you play as well.
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    Emphasize on relationships/connections

    1. Hiding your identity
    Gamer tags(typically highlighted names on top of the player’s avatar) should only be seen if their face is facing you. That way players are able to hide their face with a hood, or a pirate hit tilted over etc.

    2. Top 10 friends list
    The typical good/bad scale that’s explored in Red Dead 2 where your decisions decide which way you lean towards the scale, except it’d lean more in regards to this “top 10 friends list” for lack of a better name, that you make through the ability to introducing yourself to anyone you deem worthy, in a form of a handshake or such. If you make connection with someone and kill them for example, that should tip the scale towards good and evil. opposite to that a nemesis list. Where you introduce yourself by an intro during battle, they can choose to accept you as one. You can choose who’s name you would want to replace if you find a new connection.

    3. NPC relations
    Living cities where you could be indebted to the wrong people(NPC’s), like a bounty. but you wouldn’t trigger them automatically by the typical alert system by proximity, but rather by if they recognize you; if your face isn’t covered, sort of thing(referring back to that first idea)
    And in the other hand, be able to have underground connections(NPC’s) that you build through good relationships or mutual agreements in the big city’s or outer bad lands for things like escape ships or weapons etc.

    I’m always a fan of the role playing aspect in open worlds where your just able to have new adventures everyday.

    Other ideas:
    4. Be able to be part of the Navy, or this world’s version of a NPC controlled galactic Navy.

    5. Maybe make it just a little bit more difficult/rewarding for someone to make it out of the cities and into space.
    Ex. “Oh I gotta run a ‘steal a spaceship” mission, or, “Oh I know who/where I can go to to get a ship good enough to leave this planet” (cue the underground connection you made/if your still in good terms)

    6. Of course that would call for a very fun, interesting and rich city/planet to want to be stuck in for awhile if one finds themself in the situation. Underground organized races, fights, bars where you can usually find crew men. and a nightlife. Along with day jobs that are fun and interactive, but are seen as normal in the future. Like running a mech suit to clean debris.
    All this could help build on the role playing aspect, as well as keep players connected and interacting within the beautiful living cities and planets. They’ll never want to leave one planet, let alone one city, only to remember and aspire to leave and experience the other planets and cultures!!!

    7. A planet with a culture less developed and more naturally beautiful. Like the cultures seen in the blue Avatar movie. Or ancient Japan. Or planet of the apes. More quiet, slower paced.

    8. More “living” Responsive wild life and creatures that you can hunt, interact, and or run and hide from.
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    I really like the idea of the game and want to give some of the things in my head
    Point 1:
    I'd love to see events and seasons like ''the season of some special creature that just appear in the winter''
    or a shooting stars or maybe an especial space thing.
    Point 2:
    Especial traders that give you something especial but ''you'' need to do a specific thing with just one proof, like a map or a thing like that

    Point 3:
    misions for the crew members like in dragon age inquisition, in that game te inquisitor have a war table and 3
    counselors but in this case the crew members need to do like misions to get information or some encrypted thing, maybe favors with traders. Misions that depends on the skills of the members of the crew.
    Point 4:
    I'd thing in that when more information comes out

    thx for your time. and sorry if you see mistakes in mi english.
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