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    Adult content

    I’ve got a 10 year old nephew that couldn’t be more excited for the idea of space pirates, I know it’s far fetched and probably more involved but would there possibly be an alternative mode for players under 18 considered?? Love the work would like to play the game with my nephew
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    J'aimerais vraiment qu'il ai des tématique de région comme les état-unis, la chine, le mexique, la russie,le Canada et d'autre région du genre s'il-vous-plaie 🙏et je tien à vous dire que ce que vous faite est un chédeuvre de vie, que vous montrée le sentiment de grandeur et d'effort que vius donnez à se jeux me fais chaud au coeur car c'est la première fois dans ma vies que j'ai vue quelque chose d'aussi magnifique que ça.La première fois que j'ai vue l'annonce de se jeux avec ma famille et mes amis, j'ai pleurer de toute mes larme parce que c'étais tellement incroyable et beau et je suis content de pouvoir vous envoyer se message du fond de mon coeur pour vois dire, merci pour toute se que vous faite.J'aimerai pouvoir vous aidé, saufe que j'ai 15 ans et je suis trop jeune mais j'aimerai tellement aidé pour votre jeux, mais au moin j'ai la chançe de vous dire, continuer et montrée au monde se que vous tous pouvez faire et montrée au monde le grand et magnifique, BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2

    Message de Anthony Goudreault.
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    Character Role Options

    I feel like there should be multiple roles allowed for any chosen character:

    1) One role being "an adventurer or free roamer" who goes out to find new things, information, geographical locations (places good for setting up a house, industry, restaurant, agriculture).

    2) As a farmer-(there could be AI farming machines).

    3) As a restaurant owner and cook (can be part of multiple things at once)-combination of a farmer and owning food industries. Creating new recipes and points for that, points for providing services at reasonable cost, points for being a good Samaritan.

    4)As a business man who travels and creates foundations through relationships with multiple cultures, countries, and other planets. Helps find people who are resourceful to build/work-on various projects.

    5)Space-craft racer and/or car racer who also provides aviation services in time of unrest and space/land-conflict scenarios.

    Maybe others can add if they have more ideas???
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    Legoman! The game must have!
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    Monkey Sidekick

    what might be cool is if the monkey had a little tech sidekick that got him into places that he could not have gotten into himself something he can activate with humor that can go past others that he normally would not be able to do ;-) bonapititOOOOOOO I saw the clip on youtube thats me in monkey form lol I can relate to that
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    Maybe just maybe you could employ a nemesis system similar to s.o.w but the hate towards you is simply based on your action towards them like stealing off someone would force a real rime situation with abit of dialog inturn your responses would determine whether they would try kill you on sight or play a long game and wait til your vulnerable like how the stalker on warframe always pops up when im just rankin up a random weapon for affinity also the longer you stay away from them they acquire different weapons technology so when they do pop up they may have better armour limbs weapons and confident enough to pursue you regardless or your level or skill
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    Melee Combat

    Let me start by saying, the bit of combat gameplay we've seen so far looks pretty dope.
    But I'd like to mention that, personally, I would like to see alot of depth in the different forms of ground combat. We've already seen that there are staffs and swords, but I'd like to see more weapons. Such as: (dual) knives, axes, clubs/hammers, maybe a chain type weapon like gogo in kill bill, or even the ability to use your hands and feet either with prosthetic upgrades or completely unarmed. I know that the staff is a nod to Jade in the first BGE, but I just think it would be awesome for my character to be able to fight completely different from my coop partner. Maybe even combat style customization so people can have different moves with a similar weapon.

    I know your character can block with some sort of holographic shield, but I'd also like more in-depth defensive capabilities such as dodging, parrying, and countering enemy attacks and elite enemies that can defend against you in such a way, if you don't vary your attacks enough. So you would need to mix up your combos and strategies against them.

    Something else that would be cool is if there were finishing moves and stealth kills. It feels good when you are rewarded with satisfying finishes for using stealth or being good at melee as long as they don't get repetitive like many other games.
    Cause if your character is half-shark or lion etc., it would be cool to be able to maul an enemy or bite his head/limb off or something.

    Which brings me to my next point, the ability to amputate, decapitate, or break the limbs or neck of an enemy would be a pretty dope detail. That could be part of the finishing/stealth attacks.

    My last point would be earning experience upgrades to your attributes with certain weapons and items depending on how much you use them.

    Example: I use my sword-style alot more then my staff style, so I become more proficient with the sword-style. Which makes me faster, stronger, and/or more able to break an opponent's guard or more likely to amputate/decapitate an enemy with a sword.

    Just some things I think would be dope if implemented correctly, I'm sure the game will be amazing when we finally get to play it.
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    Bit more life

    BTW I love it. I would like storms. It would be like super cool to feel turbulence while you are flying and to see the rain, lightning, tornadoes, huracanes, fog, waterspout, dust storms and radioactive storms. It will keep it like alive while you are flying and even cooler if you can see them from out the world.
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    I think it would be cool if u could work to build on your secret pirate group in the background and so the police thinks that you are a normal person, who has a normal life.
    Or if you don`t have a job the police keeps watching you even stronger and with the work you could earn some more money.
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    Originally Posted by xXKamiKarliXx Go to original post
    I think it would be cool if u could work to build on your secret pirate group in the background and so the police thinks that you are a normal person, who has a normal life.
    Or if you don`t have a job the police keeps watching you even stronger and with the work you could earn some more money.
    I'd love that and you could learn to use weater to your advantage, it could be fun to have at first some kind of kite like in breath of the wild or paraglide and you would use wind and weather to travel then go to jet pack and space ships that would allow you to go in more hazardous weather, but still you could use the weather like a tool for fights or travel, with a wind minimap that would allow you to plan your moves, like use spinning winds around tornadoes or cumulonimbus upstream current to gain height fast. And the sturdier your mean of transportation the deeper you can get in those hazardous weather, maybe you could even buy some weather protections that would allow to loose the police on your tail in dangerous storm only you can get too or go to dangerous fast currents to chase someone... Or something, you could apply the same with solar winds and water (or other fluids or gas) streams...
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