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    so i would love to see ubisoft site abilities for example if you connect your game with ubisoft account you get to create a unique character model which you can use in game and the ability to have a unique vehicle with unique hide out which you create from the site and also some movie pirate dlc skins like pirates of the caribbean skins and other and also a better character customaziation than other games
    I don't know If page 47 is the best place to post ideas, or if ideas are still of interest. but i had a few concepts. although you must excuse any ignorance due to not having been fortunate enough to play the original Beyond good and evil, though this being the prequel may save me slightly here.

    There are multiple hybrids, but so far the focus in the most recent live stream was focused on the monkey hybrids, who collect a valuable resource Diwalite in the asteroid impacted sulphur fields, As the asteroids come hurtling down, dust blinds, impacts deafen, stun & even kill, DiwaLight flashes and forms in a volatile reaction, a dangerous scenario with high mortality rates every death a member of your community maybe even a friend. It feels not too dissimilar to a war zone, with an add risk of being abandoned and left behind in a wasteland, your usefulness expended. Prospects are bleak, life expectancy isn't particularly high. Quite compelling and captivating stuff....but I want to know more for the other hybrids, and what about more from this society where life actually has a known price, where cutthroat decisions that kill tens or hundreds or more come down to a calculation of cost. where corporations rule and dictate how life is to be lived or more accurately in some cases spent. My thoughts for concepts:

    • Shark hybrids and Crocodile hybrids could be useful for marine exploration and possibly setting up mining explorations. There are other resources of value in this universe. the water itself was mentioned, and titanium if i remember well. But Soma, although it has Vast bodies of water, it also orbits a Gas giant Dyaus on the outskirts of system 3. The tidal effects could be colossal from the gravitational pull. Although the orbit and rotation seem to be synchronous to some extent to ensure the meteorites fall on the far side of the moon, there is sunrise and sunset, there is movement, and another moon orbiting Soma, That movement could cause tides and even strong currents dragging the unfortunate out to the sea. There are sulphur fields above, with meteorites, but that doesn't mean there are no impacts over the water, meteorites super heated by the atmosphere hurtling into the water creating heat and explosive steam releases, the sudden cooling of the meteorite causing it to fracture into shrapnel. if sulphur is prevalent on this side of the planet, then deeper under the surface where meteorites pose less of a threat, you face other risks, with pressure and heat, bubbles of gaseous sulphur released from tectonic shifts forming local pockets of sulphuric acid.

    • Fighting pits, in a world where life is cheap and can be calculated by the resources it takes to make a new one, there is still money to be made on defects, those not fit for purpose, those who fail the quality assurance test, they can be recycled and reclaimed to some extent, sold to medical, weapon, biological, or various other laboratories, all kinds of uses, but a few back handers here and there might prove more profitable to some. So long as no one asks too many questions, and some palms get greased, entertainment and blood sports could be big business, and who would know where they came from, there must be more than a few hybrids who would view it as a way to escape their designation, smuggled into an underground world that promises either glory, fame and maybe even a freedom or at least escape from there designation, or a swift death at worse, would it really be more repugnant than the alternative?

    • Humans clones and human Pirates? , humans are cloned similarly to hybrids, hybrids were made to be slaves for life or at best indentured slaves, that rarely out live their contracts? but what of Humans, a privileged life? slightly higher up the food chain but still cattle? their life would be equally cheap in theory, but is there a compassion, and empathy for a human over that of a hybrid by those in charge? after all those in charge are assumed to be human. With a seemingly brutal predetermined caste system (for lack of a better comparison), resentment could be rife among hybrids, even those hybrids freed from their bonds, that have joined the pirates. Even liberated, with a new purpose, some wounds are still deep, would they all be open minded to human pirates? are you now equals and the acts going forward the only way to elevate you to those around you? If hybrids are manufactured to do tasks humans would be less capable of, or unsuited to, are humans not likely to be looked down on as inferior? but maybe more than that will be discovered, maybe as the oracle's memories are restored, the realisation that the first pirates likely had to be human also, those with compassion enough and privilege/responsibility enough to facilitate the freeing and saving of others and forming of the rebellion against the system, maybe finding such information out might be one way to address this balance? or maybe other pirates might not look so kindly on those who run with humans, maybe there are some internal pirate conflicts?

    TL;DR I would love every hybrid and every human playable character to get a back ground story. either unique based on chosen character, or selected by player based on chosen character. but background stories come at different levels of depth and i dont know what is planned for this game and what is feasible to expect:
    • 1st: Playable back ground story, experience the hybrid you chose living through its daily struggle, and meeting its fate that eventually leads to becoming a pirate
    • 2nd: cinematic introduction to the chosen human/hybrids unique back story.
    • 3rd: art work Stills and voice acted narration for human/hybrids unique back story.
    • 4th: a written text for the human/hybrids unique back story.
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    Streamer mode or cersorship

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    Haha You are welcome
    Would be interesting to have a ''safetly mode'' where certain content is removed such as swears mabe nudity etc etc not only for the younger audience but for when and if poeple stream the game ( I for one would looove to do so when it comes out) and a true to nature mode where everything is enabled. Very few games have such things and it would be aweseome. Can't wait to mabe have a taste of the game. Been waiting for a long time to try it out.
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    Just putting out some ideas I feel would contribute to the game as an individual that values open word games.

    1) Multiple BIG cities, Ganesha City looks great from what Iíve seen however I feel numerous cities around the same size would compliment the environment as a whole. Being able to explore each ones unique history/cultural disparity could provide a boost of enjoyment, where most games provide one big city that you get to know well and eventually you become tired of.

    2) Each planet represents a different country that came from Earth. And by this I mean Iím terms of like a space race where each country had chosen a different planet to inhabit. Maybe the superpower countries would have greater advantages over the others and choose a planet that is more suitable for life or is more resource rich. And being a superpower they could develop the planet much quicker and rapid as compared to 3rd world countries. Possibly creating planets that would compare to civilizations that would be indigenous like the Aztecs/Egyptians where as the more advanced would be very futuristic like Ganesha City.

    3) Phone system where the more advanced civilizations currency is a bitcoin type of deal.

    4) Since the game is futuristic and high advanced maybe provide military type gadgets for trade on the black market, be able to put trackers on humans/hybrids. Gadgets that could make you invisible for certain periods of time? Many possibilities...

    5) underwater cities? Shark/crocodile hybrids live underwater possibly or easily able to adapt to both.
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    I was wondering if there is the ability to tether with the gravity of your ship an asteroid to guide it to destroy the cities? Or are the cities indestructible?
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    I agree that "safety mode" can increase game quality. Especially violence should be decreasable.
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    Colonies & Karma

    I like the idea of colonies on other planets, which represent actual/historic earth countries. Each colony could provide a way of local membership (in-game, not an external subscription) , for example the German colony could have a Leberwurst-Club, and the hunting/trading/slaughtering of pigs or distributing Call-a-Leberwurst-ads-call-555 the player collects Leberwurst-Karma, and with enough specific experience can eventually become the First Chancellor of the Leberwurst Reich
    Equally, the religions can have colonies (e.g. Templer monastery) and by certain deeds (e.g. Vegeteration agitation speeces in favor of the Hindu colony) the Hindu Karma rises.
    This way the player can avoid deciding for a religion, instead join all of them.
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    Spacecraft repair, mechanic puzzling

    My idea was that each vehicle from spacecraft to tuk-tuk to boat has its engine accessible and customisable.
    When looking at the engine, certain functional areas are there, e.g. fuel section in blue, cooling section in purple, gearboxes in green, hydraulics in yellow.
    Each section consists of certain components. These components can be damaged, which require repair or replacement.
    A vehicle with components damaged, will not run.
    Components can be taken from any vehicle and sent to the user garage for storage.
    A tuk-tuk could be missing a cooling valve, which the user replaces with the cooling cylinder from a nearby police vehicle spacecraft. This could chang the tuk-tuk drive performance.
    The skills to access an engine could be obtained through quests, e.g. since all vehicles are different in design and complexity,
    There could be special tools, too, which are required to repair certain engine types/sections.
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    I want to swim under water.a toxic water as shark and swimming down to bottom and to collect dangerous minerals. And watching out for mutated predator, and seeing dead shark along the way up after collecting the minerals of course.
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    Character Creation

    I feel like it would be interesting to incorporate facial recognition to create a base for your character. I'm sure that by now that would be difficult, but it would still be awesome. Making a profile of your face and being able to go from there in creating a hybrid or human character would be insanely cool. Again, it's probably too late in the game for implementing something like this but I felt like bringing it up since it would go well with what I've already seen of the character creation system.
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    Adult content

    Iíve got a 10 year old nephew that couldnít be more excited for the idea of space pirates, I know itís far fetched and probably more involved but would there possibly be an alternative mode for players under 18 considered?? Love the work would like to play the game with my nephew
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