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    My ideas

    I would really like to see some apparent racism to hybrids just in the streets of background tbh that would really set the scene of how hybrids are treate in System 3, also this isn’t really an ide but more of a question, can hybrids reproduce or do they not have sex organs?
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    Steam controller support is one major thing I want. I want Ubisoft to take their time, put a good amount of testing and finetuning into this. I want them to explore the many options the controller will open up, then make it a must have for this game. I want to know when I play the game, they really wanted to make the most of this controller. It looks and sounds like they are making the most of everything else, now just take the extra mile and use the controller to really knock this out of the park. Under minding this isn't going to be the end of them, though I think it'll be really good for them. Not only good for this game, though every other game they think it'll be worth it in the future. For Honor I think would have greatly benefitted from the Steam controller support, though it just hasn't been done. My point is I want to see the Xbox and PS controller style be outdated, with a superior controller and I think Steam controller is the start of proving that. I believe once companies start to prove it's a amazing controller, with potential unmatched by another we'll see a great change. These changes will be not only in the combat complexity and style but also to the cinematic flow players can control in games. I've played Dark Souls all three of them with it and wonderfully so. If only a company would go that extra mile, to make me love it that much more I would be thankful.
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    You mean like a bully gang that's taken over some territory. Then you go and liberate it, so the original owners can return thankfully to you. $_$ I like this idea, kind of like mercenaries or bounty hunters.

    Maybe daddies little girl wants a flower though some bullies have moved in, now the flower girl no longer opens shop in fear they'll misbehave with her as they've proven to be quite rude, no she won't risk it to sell her flowers. :''( sad day indeed. Maybe need some bad *** to show them their way around a lead pipe? Then she can have all the flowers she wants!

    Or maybe how about there's a huge treasure from 300 years ago, when the empires entourage was transporting weapons to the outpost of we'll show you true power, that somehow got lost in the sea. Maybe digging that out of the sea, so you can supply a rebellion against this empire would be a good way to supply a militia?

    A group of misfits somehow come across a SOS from princess pain in the arse, so say maybe they can hold terms of acquiring this pain to their benefit.

    I mean base ideas are easy, you just need to write a elaborate dialog. Make some emotional side notes, and find a voice actor that can read with said emotion.
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    Originally Posted by Flowpiece Go to original post
    Hi evryone !

    Let's give your imagination to inspire the team on this ambitious game which is BGE2 :

    Go through your mind, from new concepts to little feature

    Like Michel Ancel said, we are all welcome to participate !

    Let's start

    I would love to see in this game a karma rate, i understood that the spirituality will be an important part of the background, it would be awesome if our actions could influence our reputation, we could be the most horrible pirate, participating to the slavery trades, or pirates fighting for the hybrids rights.

    for example a planet would be like in south USA in 1800 and we would try to kill the traders and chiefs of these places to help people to get back their freedom

    it could be a good idea to chose our religion, differents religions giving you differents features

    a wanted system, if you have a bad karma, you make a lot of money, but the space police would be looking for you, you could be one them looking for criminals.
    in this system, the wanted signal could give details about this criminal where he could be located, a picture of his ship, his race...

    I would love to develop this idea but let's give place to yours
    Yes this is a good idea. It reminds me of Star Wars light and dark side. This type of thing has been done in games, though in Kotor it wasn't done for strictly force adept characters. Maybe taking into consideration not everybody will want to be a part of that kind of role, limit those options in some way. Say the PEGI system is involved in some way. Restricting this kind of rating meter based on that, could offer a open felling to player who wish it to be strictened for them. Then allowing other players or secondary characters to experience the game with this kind of judgement system.
    Otherwise it could be applied to on terms of role, it being nonexistent until you participate in something meaningful to that direction. Then add in some kind of escalation meter based on this, like to waring factions.

    As for different features, I mentioned above a judgement system in the Karma systems place. Working some what like the karma system, you could earn honors. These honors don't have to be in favor of a king or empire, could be applied to a kingpin or even a vigilante. Then earning these honor could have some impartial use across other similar features. But no fully convertible.

    As for the wanted system, I made mention to a war faction system, based on the balance of karma or judgement systems. Who posts a bounty on you, isn't necessarily dictated strictly my a hierarchy of law. Instead private factors (business competitors) could easily be applied with requirement of a hierarchies ignorance, being a unspoken unwriten code that if broken has consequences. So make to much noise, draw to much attention and spoil the fun, then you'll have a bounty out for you kind of things. To help maintain the balance of power.

    Another good example is Witcher 3, which I just beat last week. Amazing game with some cool features. One of those features is on their large map, there's a ton of questing locations. If you happen by an abandon fort or town, all you need to do is clear out the monsters that took the place over, then those folk so long as they are all dead can return. Upon return you may see things open back up like pugs and merchant trades return for your use. Adding things like this could be highly useful, when trying to push somebodies buttons, maybe to bait them or work them into a rage for your disposal.

    All vary simple ideas, needing more elaboration to be made whole. But I agree little by little these things maybe worth thinking about.

    Trophy system could be highly useful as well, when considering alternatives to the Karma or Judgement style systems. Taking a trophy of a finger or a ear, to show as proof your serious in a business opportunity is always a good thing. Maybe to break the ice with a good laugh, even just a reminder every time you see "the other guy".

    I think the main idea here, is to create a kind of competition. You have teams working to accomplish the same goal, though only one team will complete that goal. But the question is, is that goal worth the risk? And to what ends will you competitors pursue their success in this goal and vis versa.

    These things aren't so subtle, right down to the girt and grinding teeth. Dialog must have some subtleties, to cress the arse of the not so shy princess of assassins. Make sure to puker up with wet lips, she's not one to take kindly to being stuck high and dry

    Here's another idea. Say you've been involve in "Business" with some peoples of what ever and what ever, when returning for a visit, maybe have a memory system. Say they own a bar and you return there, now there's pictures on the wall sharing your memories with them. Now the point is if you're doing a bounty job, or looking for somebody you may see some memories on the wall of this "target". Making a lead for you to follow, though maybe not that easy to just ask a bar tender. So you see who else is in the photo, seek them out to complete your inquiry. I think this system is counter productive on some terms as well, though also saved for those secret missions that aren't clearly stated and mission pointed out.
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    i would like to have a piracy part in the game with the option to scrap or dismantle the enemy ships to use these ressurces to upgrade your own ship or to capture and sell them depending on the destruction you made before

    high destruction -> lower materials / quality or less money
    lower destruction -> better materials / quality or more money

    that would be fun if there is a option focusing on weakpoints or maybe take out the drive to force the enemy crew to surrender or maybe hacking theyr systems and shut down life support

    i also like the karma system idea other ones already bring up that sounds like fun and brings more gamplay options good/neutral/bad
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    HI we've met before, I used to be one of your SOFTIMAGE reps......I've been watching closely the progress of BGE2 and I like what I see so far, the only thing I need to say is that I've noticed you are going maybe a little too much on the cartoony side of things, and I don't mean the characters or the ships not at all those area fantastic! I mean your palette. Example ......Sky is too blue, has no depth, the GI Global illumination is not there. I think with the design look you have and giving the right lighting look and specially focusing in atmospherics this game can really look fantastic, maybe even ground braking, the image I am posting is a good example of what I think a more realistic lighting would look fantastic in combination with your already implemented surreal look.:

    The look used in your promotional videos is incredible I know this is not real time and it is pre rendered with higher Polly count etc, etc..... But you know you can approach that look in real time giving DOF, atmospherics, bloom effects,soft focus filters, light scattering, haze , volumetrical fog , particle effects, etc. etc. and of course your Global lighting. What we are seeing right now could very well be the sterile look of a pre Alpha demo. But towards the betas I really hope you focus a lot more in the same lighting style as your videos, giving more depth with the use of these atmospheric effects. THIS GAME CAN END UP LOOKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

    PS... i just saw this ... and the footage that is shown here of what appears to be in-game footage of the city... looks amazing!.... this is what I am talking about!!!...is this how the final will look?

    Keep up the great work.UBI

    BIG hug to Michel.
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    Banners. I don't know this will have any multiplayer features, though custom banners are always a good show. They can tell players something about each other, weather it's "I've accomplished this" or "I come from" even "This is my opinion". I think it's a interesting feature, that's been observed for so long in history, it may have a place in you game as well.
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    Idea for the game

    HI! I think you should add a balooga in the game for the nostalgia, add a place map based on the original game, i think these two features will make a lot better for old players and the new players would try the first game.
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    Cybernetic implants for characters like bionic eyes for better targeting, arms for brute strength and legs for speed
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    Let us Rob the Banks and Casinos and well as Capture and Abduct rich civilians.

    It would be cool if could rob banks and casinos. A high risk high reward system but it would also be cool if we could abduct rich civilians and make them give us their account information or just their money. That's something I imagine a pirate would do that would get them decent amounts of money
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