Hello Ubisoft ! I hope you're fine !
I'm posting this "thread" for communicate you all my support for the whole team !

I'm of course impatient to see more of BGE2 but i won't ask to see anything ( i won't say no if you show me something ) , because even without Michel Ancel, i'm sure you're capable of great and big things !

I saw there a job for "developer tester" at Ubisoft Montpelier ( i'm only at 200 km ) but i have absolutely no experience in professional game dev testing :'( It would have been a great opportunity for me, but i'm underqualified, and a better qualify person will make a better job than me for far i hope you'll find that person quickly ! ( you still can ask for me )

Anyway, big love on the team, big love for BGE2, big love for all the people who participate by Hit Record, big love for all BGE fan !

Love you !