Look, I've been very vocal on the issues that you have concerning your game. It doesn't come out of a need to bash you guys. I am vocal because I've seen how you guys handle buff/nerfs to classes and everyone can see, it doesn't matter if the change is actually necessary.... it boils down to who can cry the loudest. So I've taken the same approach when it comes to pointing out your bugs/game breaking mechanics.

Instead, you've blamed the community and punished people before actually fixing ANYTHING on your end. You release mechanics that break the game in other areas and have no effect on the issue that you were trying to fix....I.E. the join in progress that you guys thoroughly screwed the pooch on. You release more "buyable" content and are sure to remind us that steel is purchasable. But there are people who aren't even getting the rewards for when they finish the 1 out of 5 games that they have DC'd from, soooooooo.... what? Spend more money on your broken game?

How about, and this may be revolutionary to you guys, but instead of listening to whoever can cry the loudest to nerf brand new classes, instead of releasing below average "weekly" content..... How about you focus on making a stable, playable game. You've already had a mass exodus after season 2 , and you've lost even more people after this last round of nerfs, because why become elite on a class, only to have it nerfed into the ground because some people who like to post can't beat you. So not nerfing or buffing a class for a month or two shouldn't hurt your numbers too bad.

How about, instead of releasing "buyable" content, you focus on what's quickly dragging your game into the null and void catagory? I don't need a skirt made of mist, I need stability. I don't need another head accessory, I need to be able to receive my rewards for completing a match. I personally don't care about emotes or executions. They were , uhhhh neat? at first......but considering your game is in such a bad state...... why would I buy anything that I can't even see in game because I'm either being kicked or getting ungodly frustrated because I have no reason to play the game that I grew to love.

You've completely alienated people against each other based simply off classes. Half of the salt begins simply on seeing who your opponent is because you guys have created such a toxic environment that it's divided your players instead of bringing them together to create the best game possible.

What business model is this entire operation based off of? Did a 5 year old come up with your games management? Has anyone there in your offices ever even attempted to rectify your server issues? I know you say " we're gathering data" and "it's being improved" but to be honest, those statements are becoming old and tiresome.

So here's the proposition. Calm down on releasing game breaking content. There's absolutely nothing fun about a smoke skirt or new emotes when you can't stay connected. Quit nerfing / buffing classes based simply off of people being insufficient at beating the class ( I have NEVER had a problem beating shinobis, and their nerf made them almost AI like in that I don't even worry, 3 lights and their dead). Hell, the class wasn't even older than a month before you guys broke him and caused many, MANY people to lose hope in you and flat out quit because you've nerfed a class that they have spent money on.

How about you FIX the problems that are on YOUR END. The quit penalty has solved absolutely nothing. I don't care how many times you tell me that you've got the data..... until I see it, I'll believe what my eyes are telling me. And my eyes see at least 3-4 bots at the end of every match. Whether it's DC or ragequit, it doesn't really matter. I'm also hearing people say they have to eat the 10 minute ban on DC's ..... which you assured us would not be the case.

FIX THE GAME, for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY IN THE GAMING KINGDOM..... quit blaming your player base for your insufficient servers. We're almost to the 6 month mark of release and you guys have yet to show any kind of stability. Whether it's server issues, or your want to introduce mechanics that are not needed and game breaking. You guys have failed miserably at every corner. It's quite apparent that your p2p servers are not handling the way you guys had expected.

FIX YOUR BROKEN GAME, then come talk to me about how I'm making your game break. I'd be willing to listen to almost ANYTHING (because I want this game to succeed so badly) as long as you prove that you are taking steps to make the quality of life in your game a little better.

Long story short......

No new content
No more punishing players
No more buffs / nerfs.......

Till you can prove that you can be trusted with even the simplest connection issues.