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    Season 2 Solo Challenges - Week 3 - My videos

    So I post the videos for these challenges every week. This week I decided to start posting them ASAP, so the first two go up today, the third one tomorrow.

    FIRST CHALLENGE - Destroy eight Santa Blanca vehicles in San Mateo using mines. Here's how it went (this is a long episode, sorry):


    I'll be back to update this thread with the other two videos when they're live. I hope you find these useful or at least entertaining.

    (The language in the videos is appropriate for the rating of the game)
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    Love these videos! I like that everyone creates these to help each other out. Thanks!
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    Here's the second of the challenges; to blow up four helicopters in Tabacal with C4. Finding the helicopters is the first challenge but the side mission helicopters count! If you're stuck, you can see where I found helicopters in northern Tabacal:

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    Guys, if you're interested, here's the locations in Espiritu Santo and Villa Verde where I completed the final solo challenge this week (destroy four generators) and earned the 6P41 Reaper!


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