Howdy! So I haven't been here in quite a while. Not sure if any of the regulars are here. Some questions quick..

First, how important are those 3 side scrolling games to the overwall story? They have to do with the precursor boxes, correct? How many boxes were there? Where were there last known locations?

I forget where the modern story ended up like a burn out... Shaun and Rebecca were kicking some *** and they found one of the hardcore assassins that had to slaughter her friends and family when they went crazy from bleeding effect or something and Juno? I forget now too...

We find out Da Costa and some cult are now a 3rd faction. They want to use the shroud to birth a real Isu.

Is that all so far? I read the Chain and The Fall.. does the game take place after those? I read part of the indian one that explains the Helix... What was the name of that and what was the biggest pull out from that?

I think there have been like 2 other comics since but could be totally wrong. Any help?

Syndicate was a return to fun and form for the most part with a few things missing..

Origins looks like a TRUE return to form. They mentioned in a leak that there was two characters and they can't get into it either. Are we finally going to get like Eves descendant or something?

Was honestly really hoping for two worlds in Egypt where we'd jump out of the Helix/Animus and be in modern world as the real protagonist in some Watch Dogs style fashion or something. A little sad that isn't there. Memory hall or whatever at least is back.