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    Man I really wunna shot at the Beta
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    And I be that other guy: Ostindische. That was a German Hanse as far as I know, so, of course, that was German. It is written with one "O". Translated, it means "East Indian". Not that it matters. (and even though that it wasn't totally German, the German translation of east is still "Ost" ;D)

    I am absolutly curious on how that game turns out. would love to play it (even though my playtime on Uplay is kinda low, but I am willing to change that with that game, lol)
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    amazing game

    first time in a long time that ive really wanted to get into a video game and this looks like the best game ever so excited.
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    Looking Good

    The YouTube vids look great, so let wait and see
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    Can’t wait too sail the Indian Ocean for prize and plunder , my game of 2019.
    See you all on the sea my fellow Pirates☠️⚓️
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