As a loving player explorer, I do not feel satisfied to recover a chestcontent even though I would have traveled a distance and searched a map in order to find new and better equipment.

The ACs and this one seems similar according to the videos do not pay enough attention to the details necessary to a visual and auditory satisfaction of the player. The absence of both makes exploration trivial and helps to develop weariness to explore the world.
Let's take an example in casinos and pachinkos they are very careful about the visual and sound environment and the feeling of pulling the joystick and retrieving the marbles because they know there is something magnetic and Satisfying the noise, the visual and the sensation of use of these machines.
The same goes for exploration. The player must be rewarded appropriately not only in the contents of the safe, but also in the satisfaction of retrieving this content.
A simple textual description and generic noise used whatever the retrieved object trivializes this exploration.

Good example: witcher 3
They are particularly careful to contextualize the noises with the objects that the player recovers in terms of material. A weapon will have its own sound and an icon specific to the type of the weapon. These good choices make these objects more tactile and the player feels the feeling of really recovering objects.
AC origins must therefore improve this point not negligible considering that the exploration of this vast Egypt is a not insignificant point of the gameplay.