When I did see your BGE2 speceships for the first time, I admired them.

I love third person gameplay, I want to SEE the ship that I drive (not interested with cockpit view), so this game is exactly what I look for.

I suggest BGE2 spaceships may have:

repair droid
machine gun
rocket launcher
missile launcher
afterburner (when driving on planet)
sniper blaster (long range blaster)
anti balistic flares (versus incoming missiles)
collector (to collect drops)
aim software (to avoid missing shots)
crit software (providing more critical hits)
shield penetrator (hitting through shield)
floating mines (trap mines)
smart bomb (delayed explosive with timer)
drones (giving buffs)
stun (to freeze ennemy)
cloaking device (for hiding)
warping ability (for escaping)

I belive BGE2 spaceships are better be designed to be coolest and most attractives ones.
Because spaceships are most powerful and distinguishing feature of BGE2 in my opinion.
The more outstanding impressive ships the more people who can't help but to play the game.