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    God, i hope these T-Shirts get o sale, i love knox and when i saw the trailer and michel wearing that t-shisrt almost crying, i got a suuuuper emotinal feeling XD, but wait
    if they put it on sale, where could we buy them?
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    I'd love to get a Space Monkey Shirt too.
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    Sign me up too!

    I'll buy two.
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    o_FinalBoss_o's Avatar Junior Member
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    Would like a T-shirt and the same sign as Knox's to sew it up for cap or jacket
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    I would love to buy one to support the team and also an embroidered patch would be great too.
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    I want that shirt too.

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    God I also want a SMP T-shirt! Please Ubi make it happen. It'd be awesome to support the devs that way!
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    You guys remember how a year ago when Ubi refiled the BGE trademark, they included clothing? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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    I have a feeling these shirts will be earned as the space monkey program continues on! They allowed everyone that wants to join the SMP to join free, this could easily start moving up in members. I think it will be earned by certain things such as maybe posting lot's of advice or critics for the game, being an active participant in the forums, or maybe with so many people wanting one, it could be sold to get some more revuenue going. I am sure they will announce it sometime in the future of how to get your own SMP shirt.
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