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    One for me please. Great Logo.
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    I completly agree with the idea of Ubi selling T-Shirsts and BGE2 goodies
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    I'd like to support the motion to get these as merch. Would love to get my hands on one or ten of these.
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    They can even collect the money spent just with the t shirts.
    And I want one, too...
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    Originally Posted by G.A.Pster Go to original post
    I'd love one, I don't expect to get one for free though (it's not like I've earned it or anything).
    It would be really cool if Ubisoft sold a line of Beyond Good & Evil clothing and other stuff.
    Of course, when I said I'd like to have one, it means i'd like to buy of them ! Ultimately, one high res pic that I could print would do the trick, but I'd prefer to buy one from ubi.
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    I want shirt so bad of this game

    I want everything to do with this game
    I waited like 15 years for this game

    every week I check since then online if there is some news on it

    I am so happy only game I wanted ever!!!!
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    Since the announchement I have become emotionally unstable.
    Shirt pls. =D
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    Oh how I have waited for BGE2! Yes, I would love to get a t-shirt like that!
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    I'd also love BGE2 Merchandise!
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    Gotta admit the logo is awesome and looked great on Ancel's T-shirt ! A patch could be great also, kinda like the one Knox has on his right shoulder
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