Hello im Douglas and a only one of hyped people to play Beyond 2, but i saw some rumors has turn me preocupated and same time dissapointed, Beyond Good And Evil 2 need be all time online and conected with internet? Kindly, dont give to us consumers this only way to play, is not every place of world have internet, after year 2020 nothing have a real garantee that people have money to pay for keep the internet services online every month or year, The division, one franchise of Ubisoft, make this huge error and much consumers was desist to buy The division game like me. Much things can be imprevissible in one day to another, like the personal economic condition and internet estabilization, i want to buy and explore this inovative world are the team Ubisoft have created, but if the game only be playable with internet conection, maybe the only way for me is desist of buy Beyond, if its necessary a multiplayer mode or statistic comparison, so give the two options in menu, option "single player offline mode" or option "online mode".
Unfurtonately much places outside of Europe continent and United States dont have internet connection or excellent wifi signal estabilization, if possible, repass this message for the team and think about it, dont dissapoint who wait fo play and this AAAArtisc game for these years. Pardon for any grammatical error.