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    Community Recommended by HydreFenix67 - June 9th, 2017

    This huge track-drop is about the history of Trials Fusion over the last three years.

    HydreFenix67 chose 20 tracks from 20 creators from every country and under each track he explains why he choose them.

    1. 604 Danger Zone by KushLand604 - Xbox One. 2016/04/11 (Hard)
      "I choosen a KushLand604's track because I really like very shorts track like 20s max, to speed run."

    2. ~ESCHER~ by xKAiLiMANx - Xbox One. 2015/09/16 (Hard)
      "I chose this track because Kailiman is my favorite creator in Trials Fusion and because when I launched this track for the first time, I just dropped my controller as I was in admiration with the background of the track."

    3. [GDQ] Retro Park by THDTE and RaketeAal397 ( ii JEWEL ii ) - Xbox One. 2016/03/20 (Extreme)
      "I chose this track to represent how we can do a tribute to other video games and to represent how a collaboration between two of the best creators on Trials Fusion can be awesome."

    4. HEART by THDTE - Xbox One. 2016/07/13 (Extreme)
      "THDTE is the best French creator on Trials Fusion so I chose my favorite track from him."

    5. Ghostrunner ¥ by Kronenb - Xbox One. 2016/11/01 (Hard)
      "I chose this track because we had a lot of tracks like the WHC to represent Christmas or Halloween so I chose the best one which comes from Kronenb."

    6. Backwoods by AM0RPHOUS - Xbox One. 2016/01/16 (Hard)
      "I chose this tracks to represent the aspect, "nature et découverte" (in English it's maybe nature and discovery) on Trials Fusion and because it's my favorite track by AM0RPHOUS."

    7. 397 Kernzrfall by RaketeAal397 - Xbox One. 2017/03/01 (Extreme)
      "I could choose any track from RaketeAal397 because he's so good. So I choosen this one because it's only with the Rabbit and that's very uncommon."

    8. "Under-Water" by THETRACKSIDE (TEKILAAX) - Xbox One. 2016/03/27 (Hard)
      "The best track under water in Trials Fusion."

    9. Holy Mountains by PWaRo - Xbox One. 2016/10/16 (Extreme)
      "I wanted to choose a track from PWaRo but I was hard to pick one track from him so he asked me to choose this track"

    10. BCC5 The Elementist by Yarivpa - Xbox One. 2016/05/13 (Extreme)
      "It's the best tracks from BCC5 and I wanted to choose a track created for a BCC. The idea behind this track is awesome and we need more tracks like this."

    11. MPC Lake Knievel by Kidmpc - Xbox One. 2016/06/24 (Hard)
      "I think everyone knows him and I really like his tracks so I chose the best one."

    12. Cool Runnings by Musclez - Xbox One. 2015/01/08 (Medium)
      "The end of the is gorgeous, one of the best backgrounds I ever seen in Trials."

    13. HORUS CONCEPT by S1LVA CONCEPT - Xbox One. 2015/02/14 (Hard)
      "OMG the backgrounds! He's the best guy to create indoor background."

    14. RTC Stahlwerk by Illobear - Xbox One. 2015/02/18 (Hard)

    15. RTC UP INTHE IRON SKY by Atilla999 - Xbox ONE the 2015/02/18 (Hard)
      "For these two tracks I wanted to pick one tracks from the RTC (Roplowplow Team Contest) but between these tracks I couldn't choose so I chose both because there are so beautiful especially the one from Atilla999, who spent a lot of time with the background."

    16. Mt Etron by CouPalnGoTiEr - Xbox One. 2016/27/03 (Extreme)
      "I love this track so much. There are a lot of Easter eggs and one of them is a private joke within the French community."

    17. LE MONDE DE MORPHEE 4 by Maccorenzy - Xbox One. 2016/27/03 (Hard)

    18. [X] Dark City Run by Chaaampy - Xbox One. 2016/03/27 (Extreme)
      "I wanted to pick a remake from trials evolution's tracks so I choose a track well remade by Chaaampy."

    19. Graffi'team by IIKATINII - Xbox One. 2016/27/03 (Hard)
      "Lots and lots of shout outs for the French community so I had to choose this track."

    20. ~G~ichOr by GSatchmO - Xbox One. 2017/01/01 (Medium)
      "The most dark and strange track ever made."

    Shout out to HydreFenix67 who hopes this track-drop will be enjoyed by the community.

    If you want to participate in a Community Recommended feed or tournament of your own, feel free to PM me with more information.
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    These tracks are amazing! A real big thank you to HydreFenix67 for such a great selection. These tracks are top notch. Nice job!

    Also, thank you UbiSkyBear for posting. You did a nice job too!
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    Thank you
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    Nice sélection Fenix
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