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    Acutally the Stryker is allready included. It is just stationary. But you can use the turret-HMG (cal.50) - awesome firepower - don't know the effect on a 109 from dead six, though

    It's true, that you cannot create your own maps and there are no third person created maps to download. But that's perfectly okay for me, because there is a hughe amount of time being spent on balancing the included levels. Grenade-Spamming a la DoD, CS or CoD is a known issue and is being effectively countered.

    The objectives and maps themselves are VERY variable. From large DesertMaps or icy paths over Night-Recons to Intrusion/Extraction-Missions and CloseQuarter-StreetFights.

    An with the SpecialForces update, you can even conigure your weapons


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    Stryker is already in??? Cooool, what maps is it on??? (I don't play that often, and I tend to stick tot he same maps - I suck so bad, hehe)

    whit ye looking at, ya big jessie?!?!

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    Actually this sounds right on. Rookies died quickly when entering combat for the first time and vetrans survived by knowing when to poke their heads up.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by UbiRazz:
    I rather enjoyed it myself but it's a bit tricky to start with. I found myself just randomly dying from sniper fire, not fun.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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    There are three Strykers in the map SF-Arctic. They are located between the hills to protect the convoy, the attackers have to secure. Every teammember of the attacking side, has a LAW, a disposable LightAntitankWeapon (=rocket)
    Supporting troops have an RPG7.

    The defending party can enter the Strykers and use the main gun via optics. Awesome sound, that gun, awesome.....

    @ RJNewly
    Of course you are correct, but actually in WW2 there were not many snipers. And if you look at most games like MOHAA, CoD or similar games, there are loads of snipers. Same with RO. I played a mission with 12 ppl and 7 were snipers......
    And that's when I like AAO most: You get the sniper-rifle when there are enough people running around with other weapons, so the number of snipers is limited to a maximum of 2 per side.

    I like sniping myself sometimes, but a server with campers only (not moving after one maybe two shots makes the difference between a camper and a sniper) just sux,IMHO


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