So I love for honor, it is far from perfect and I have dealt with the connectivity issues. But now I have the IP address for my XBOX ONE through my router DMZ'd to have it completely open. Starting with the release of season two I started having a problem, I would load the game go to sign in and it would select my profile when it would say connecting to servers as soon as it would my screen will go black freeze up crash to my dashboard and then crash my entire Xbox!!!

I read what I could on line and some people said it was tied to your Uplay account so I turned off my Xbox one signed into my Uplay account unlink my Xbox account turn my Xbox one back on and re-linked my you play account with my Xbox account still didn't work. I found a YouTube video where a gentleman was having the exact same problem said he had spent nine hours with Ubisoft support with no fix. Two days later he updated the video and said he fixed the problem by playing a different game for 4 to 6 hours. Now I did the same thing and the problem didn't get fixed I uninstalled the game reinstalled the game deleted all my local game saves reinstalled and tried to do it again. I even installed it on my two other Xbox ones, logged into my profile and tried to play. And what do you know it did the same thing on two separate Xbox ones!!! So it won't run on any of the THREE Xbox ones that I own.

I give up and I try a different game I play smite, Battlefield one, Diablo III, elder scrolls online etc. A day goes by and I try playing for honor again and what do you know it works!!! Well it did for about two days, now I'm having the same problem yet again.The issue I have is I have paid for the upgraded version, bought $80 worth of steel and I'm bout to get my warlord to rep six. Was playing tonight in the middle of the match the game freezes and closes to my dashboard. Try relaunching the game and what do you know as soon as it goes to contacting servers after it logged in with my profile and it crashes. I try all the same steps, unlinking my Xbox account from my you play account and then relinking it. Still have no way to play the game and I'm about to request a refund for my whole game and all the steel which I have purchased through Xbox .This is ridiculous I have spent $160 on a game that I can't play and it's at no fault of mine someone please help or have someone look into this, this should be a known issue I'm not the only person this problem is happening to you and you guys need to fix this. I'm seriously getting tired of this PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!! PLEASE