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    I can't wait to figure out how LCARS works.

    I know I'm jumping the gun here... maybe TNG will be a sequel vs an add on, but I can't wait to virtually use a LCARS console. From what I can tell, it involves touching a bunch of random shapes consisting of colors from the 90s... love it! I'm serious. This will be fun.
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    Well if the way they've implemented the Bridge controls for the Original Series Enterprise is anything to go by you'll get an accurate LCARS.
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    Oh with out a doubt they'll give us a TNG ship or two. The only trickly thing with DLC's is that they'd have to charge money for it to make sense. And Bridge Crew is already so small what would happen if only a hand full of people got the DLC? Limited player base? It's a risky move but I think they should do it. This game has potential to have a long life if they get smart and jump on the DLC band wagon.
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