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    I posted a thread on the 15th and have gotten no response and no help. I was logged out on the day before Shadow and Might release. I broke my phone the week before. I have been trying to get back in. The responses I've sent to get assistance to ubi don't send. I searched all forums on Ubi and Google. Google has the vaguest responses. And their is like 6 threads with 1 response in total. So basically I can't get on and I saved up 200 for nothing. No one has offered any help and like I said google was written either by an illiterate 3 year old or a 50 year old college english professor. I am basically screwed for options as 90% of the google authenticator recovery "things" I guess I can't do. As while I have gotten a new phone It didn't sync to iCloud. I thought bugs only existed in game. Apparently not. Also one more thing google if your reading this. You made my account so secure I, MYSELF can't even get in.
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    Thanks for your time and if you find my body. Please take me down from the rope. Also "As warlord, the wall is closer."
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