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    Originally Posted by SeattleSauve Go to original post
    Ok, can we agree that Metallica, GnR, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tool, Sabbath, AC/DC and The Eagles are all ones that UBI knows about so we can talk about other bands?
    Awesome list. I really dig Lacuna Coil, Cold, Taproot, Trapt, Ill Nino, and Static-X.
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    toymachinesh said - "Dax Riggs" .... "Acid Bath"... https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...-Thread-Forums
    YES! Dax Riggs, Acid Bath, and Deadboy and the Elephantmen! I would pay top dollar for any of Dax's stuff on rocksmith. Especially Acid Bath. It's rare and has been my favorite band for around 25 years.
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