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    (try) to add these bands please!

    Can You Add These Artists (Already Requested Them. Anything In () Are Their Most Popular Songs)
    Adema (Giving In)
    LeVeL (Disaster Proof [Regional Release])
    Cold (Just Got Wicked)
    The Prodigy (Breathe)
    Ph8 (In Your Time Of Sorrow)
    Jesus Loves Junkies (Escape From Paradise)
    Grade 8 (Adrenochrome)
    No Ones Kind (Epic)
    Chiraw (Insomnia)
    Stands With Fists (That's The Break)
    Simplekill (Capturing)
    Ricochet Biscuit (Wrong Side Out)
    Brizgy (Uroky)
    Earshot (Two)
    Cannonsong (Fluxx)
    N.U.M (Bubbles, B-4, Rave)
    Some Of These Are Underground bands so it may be hard to get permission since there not around anymore or aren't Together. I can provide contact info if needed...
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    Nazareth - This Flight Tonight, cover of a Joni Mitchell song. Just saw a video of Nancy Wilson from heart talking about how they borrowed the riff from this song to make Barracuda.
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    Boz Scaggs- Lido Shuffle
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    Would love to see Allman Brother's "Soulshine" on the list.
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