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    Please dont ruin the centurion

    Obviously this guy is a total tank, no-one could deny that fairly.
    But he's no better than warlord or lawbringer, who both have a very similar moveset, ie. Unblockable stun-hit-unblockable stun-hit combos.
    People are whinging about him because he's new and they don't understand how to fight him, but as a centurion player (with a very good ratio across the board) I've lost plenty of times, especially in duel. He's not totally unstoppable, do not nerf him and give the power back to warnerds and lawlosers.
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    Dominion in unplayable atm due centurion spam, it will be nerfed.
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    He's going to get nerfed. as well as shinobi. no hero is safe from being nerfed. regardless if they deserve it or not. Devs really only look into W/L. That being said due to how his kit is designed it would be pretty hard for them to ruin him. he's not shallow like conq and has quite a bit of options. My only hope is that they wait till the whole world gets access and give that a week or 2 before doing anything to either him or shinobi.
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    I take back everything I said about the Centurian being balanced. If nerfing him upsets Flaaps I am all for it.

    Nerf him into the ground.

    Take away the broom from his helmet

    Take his sword away too.
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    Originally Posted by Ryaz Go to original post
    Dominion in unplayable atm due centurion spam, it will be nerfed.
    By introducing a hero limit. Bam. Problem solved.
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    Well, for all the people that really fear a nerf: I think those new heros give us some new game direction. More 50/50's, more counter-gameplay, less defence focus. That is not bad in the end. Their attacks are freakish fast (see frame data) and especially centurion can decide the outcome of a fight rather soon.
    The only thing that maybe is broken in numbers are wallsplat (120 damage combo) and the amount of stamina drain on some moves. I mean it is possible fine in a 1on1 enviroment, but as people keep saying: Centurion is wreaking havoc in dominion matches.

    When it comes for the Shinobi, stats and w/l might be rather different, especially due to teamgames. He is very squishy, so will die a lot. Many feats oneshot him. 2on1 a Shinobi too is almost a sure death sentence for the Shinobi. So we really needa wait and see.

    If it comes to a slight number tweek for Centurion in regard to stamina drain and reactability to one of the moves in his wallsplat, he won't at least be ruined right away. I guess.
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    Originally Posted by SnugglesIV Go to original post
    By introducing a hero limit. Bam. Problem solved.
    Hero limit?

    No, would suck. If a team wants to go for something, let them do so. Allow all viable strategies. Allow all cheese and stuff. Because if it really gets abused, it is going to get fixed.
    People leave matches soon enough already. Imagine you only main 1 class for example and are forced to play something different in 3 of 4 games because your class is the fotm right now?

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    It's too soon to wrote nothing on stone but Shinobi seems to be fine, maybe (only maybe) a bit too squishy. Centurion seems a bit OP, but i only test it consistently against bots. In fact shinobi IA looks a bit dumb, isn't it?

    I need to see a shinobi in good player hands to make a good opinion, but centurion combos seems a bit overwhelming. Too damage, stun, and stamina drain in the same combo. Reaction windows are too narrow for so high punish, but he only need a little tweak.

    I found it less op than i have waited, i think they are a good job, just need a little adjusment what is normal.

    But these are impresions from bot fight,
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    He has too many unblockable moves in my opinion, they don't even need combos like most other heros.
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    Originally Posted by The_B0G_ Go to original post
    He has too many unblockable moves in my opinion, they don't even need combos like most other heros.
    I'm pretty sure that you didn't even look at his moveset or play him when you post this comment. You said he has too many unblockable that doesn't even need to combo it ? The only unblockable that doesn't need a chain is his kick which deals 0 damage and can be easily dodge.
    he only has 3-4 unblockables 3 of them has to start a chain.
    1) his 3rd heavy after 2 light attacks ( It has to be charge to fully )
    2 ) his 2nd heavy after a heavy chain combo ( and it has to be charge like the (1) one )
    3 ) his Jab which is a punch after a "Charged heavy HIT" and it deals ..... ZERO DAMAGE ( it doesn't make any sense )
    In my opinion Centurion is really weak in competitive plays his move is punishable any of his move has really high recovery time. You just need to dodge his Kick and it open for you a free GB to punish him. He has no 50/50 like warden/shinobi once he uses the kick he'll standing there like an idiot waiting for you to kill him.

    I wish Centurion can get some damage from his kick,punch, etc. it makes more sense. In real life you punch the **** out of someone knock them down and they didn't feel anything ?
    Edit : i know there's a perk for him to deal damage from kick,Punch. But in 1v1 you can't use or have feats so make that feat into his moveset and replace it with something else plz.
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