Seriously its 7pm where I live; and I go to work in 2 hours, I'm just trying to enjoy the game. The last 3 games in a row have all collapsed losing any progress for the last half hour. I live in California there shouldn't be a shortage of decent connections to play with. The Problem is you tried to make a game that doesn't need to be online only / online only. 3 Months later and the game isn't any better in a connectivity sense than we it released.

Just make the story mode and a duel / and or brawl available so we can play offline with our friends. None of my friends will buy the game because of bad decisions decided by the industry's current let say "game planners" aka the ones who decide their game has be to free to play game in a 60 dollar format, with online only so it becomes a paper weight in a few years.

I don't expect any support from this forum "community" but I would like to see some kind of response from the Mod's on whether you guys are going to consider this one. Frankly this was one of my most anticipated game for 2 years, this game has left such a sour taste in my mouth for Ubisoft products I don't think ill ever spend 60+ dollars for a ubisoft game again. When you spend that kind money you are SUPPOSE to feel satisfied like "ya that purchase was worth it" and while I think for honor CAN BE fun, it has too many technical problems to be considered satisfying.

Don't get me wrong I Love the Idea you guys have with the Medieval Fighting and Dueling Mechanic but this does not ever need to be an MMO MOBA only.