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    Are there any plans to fix the following...

    1.- Making the Squad AI more controllable from the player... majority of OGR players do not believe it was your vision to make squad ai this arcade-ish, we want the AI to be capable of being commanded, I am sure plenty of feedback has been given on this but I can search fot the multitude of posts if you didn't get the feedback from the moderators or cm's.

    2.- Zombie-Like enemies when in "Undetected Mode" and God Like enemies when in "Detected Mode"... "Zombie-Like" scratch a finger and enemy drops dead. "God-Like" when player has been detected, enemies will take several shots to be kill, find you whatever you are. Less so now after patch 4 but still, we would like a more intelligent behavior from them.

    3.- Vehicles/Flight controls... No need to re-invent the wheel, just copy controls from the drone or Far Cry 4 if you do not want to copy the controls from the competitors

    Weapons Ballistic/Bullet Drop... Perhaps because of marketing team biting on your neck this was not finished for release but c'mon, I am sure you guys can make the ballistics and bullet drops a bit more believable than what we have here right now.

    I am sure there is more but can't remember at this moment. It would be nice to know if this is going to be patched at some point or if it isn't, just say so a few of us can move on... at least I can move on and leave the good folks here alone.
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    Hello ~

    Originally Posted by Kane_sg Go to original post
    There's no denying that you marketed Ghost Recon Wildlands as single-player/multiplayer co-op tac-shooter game. In other words, it's a PvE centric game.

    With the upcoming addition of PvP, are you going to ditch your core audience (PvE players) for group of (PvP) player who has never been interested in what GR:Wildlands is initially offering?
    When you see what they did with NR content, you know the answer, it feels like they aready ditching things, by doing reskins an re-using the environements and all :/


    - Why the "main game" doesn't get anything new from the DLC ? (No cars, no "new" weapons (more like reskins ...), no skins, nothing, 0% ...)
    Will you change the fact that people who own DLC have 0 extra content over the other players who didn't bough any DLC in the "Base game"
    You think that people will play for hours on the DLC instead of playing wildlands ? Well no, they won't , that is why this is a real problem and that the DLC content feels wasted (many player who own NR, didn't even played it or finished it).
    You made a "sport cars pack", this should have been free for people who own the NR DLC, or we should have an NR car pack for wildlands (Race car, MT, bike with nitro ...), as well as the "new" reskin weapons (...) and the skins (which in the end isn't a lot of content for a Major DLC, in reallity it feels really lame ...)
    What the point of buying the DLC, if it doesn't add any content to the game ? I am not playing NR DLC anymore since i finished it to 100% in about 7h, but i am still playing the "base game" everydays, i feel like i don't have anything from the DLC i bough, no extra content, its like i don't have any DLC in the end. I feel like i have been ripped of somehow. I hope you will change things in the future (about the future DLC but also about NR DLC).

    - We worked hard on our main char, so you can understand that many of us don't like the idea of making a new one, and many won't buy the DLC because of this (also because 0% of the content is added into the base game).

    - Separating the game for the DLC is a really bad thing. For the scenario why not, but for the content there is no way it was a good idea, and i hope it will change and that you will give us some of the NR DLC content into the Base game, are you going to do something or you will just let it be and let us in that frustrating state ? (Pretty sure that many of us are disapointed for buying the SP)

    - Can you read or tell us some of the players feedbacks and ideas that you are going to add into the game in the future ? Or show us some Devbuild. We need more communications from you guys about that.

    - Are you going to introduce random missions into the game ? Why not with random game changer (night, storm, no HUD, ect ...)

    - "Major DLC" is not what NR was, will you add more things into these DLC in the future ? Like real new weapons ... Same goes for vehicules, the only new one was the MT, how can this be Major ?

    - Is enemies AI going to be looked at and improved ? Same for allies (rebelles for exemple ...). The enemies feels like they have aimbots and their Aim is like 100% accuracy, they enter a building they instantly shoot at you, your away from hundreds metters, they shoot at you, this need to be looked at, this doesnt makes the game harder but more frustrating.

    - Any gameplay changes in the future ? Being able to actually jump for exemple and destroying the windows with the melee attack.

    I will stop here, i am not done but i don't think you will answer any of my questions anyway, i already made a lot of requests and gave alot of ideas on the french forum, i do feel like i am wasting my time sometimes.

    I hope you guys understand our frustration, we just like this game and we expected more and better things from what we currrently have. We hope that you will take the right decisions in the future and actually start "adding" new and more contents into the game instead of re-using what we already have and separating the content.

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    Thanks for one of the best games on the market!

    +Environmental Design and Explorations are great. I wish the mines went on and ON....great CQC down in the mines - I Would love to see a further DLC development with the mines as a second-way to expand the world. VAST underground environments.

    + Depth RENDER must be extended. Targets Clip off at 500+m. The .50Cal Sniper Rifle is USED at 1200+ Yards. SOLVE THIS.

    + PVP -- but not just a team death match. It would be great to see competing team-goals. Two Teams working of separate event ladders which effect the other team's ladder.
    IE - both teams try to defend/attack a fortified PowerStation. If Defending team succeeds. Second round they are granted upgrades/skills. ETC.

    + HELICOPTER/Plane CONTROLS NEED VAST IMPROVEMENT for control and weapons.
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    How many patches with bug fixes are we gonna see before you start improve Ghost Recon: Wildlands by adding more new features and content for the main game to keep the game alive?

    How long do you want to support Ghost Recon: Wildlands after releasing PvP mode? A few additional months, a few years or as much as Rainbow Six: Siege?

    Do you have any plans to go into competitive gaming scene with PvP like Electronic Sports League (ESL) or focus more on PvE aspect or maybe both equally?

    Are we gonna see a mission creator or some sort of mod tools for PvP and PvE modes in the future? This could incrase the longevity of the game greatly because as cool DLC's content are they have to end someday and after that there is nothing left. The original Ghost Recon fanbase modding community is still strong to this day because of the mod tools you have once given to us.
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    Please note that normal users cannot delete their own thread.
    Sincere question. Did Dominic Butler play Narco Road before it was released?
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    I don't have time to look through all the posts, but WILL WE GET A GHOST TEAM OUTFIT OR CLOTHING CUSTOMIZATION OPTION? The rest is typical game stuff I can shrug off. But, I want my men to look the par when we raid a village on a rainy night. Thank you, and bring back splinter cell, the thing that put you on the map lol not P.o.P
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    Can you make an option to adjust "the HUD elements" in to the middle monitor when using NVIDIA surround setup?

    Because at the moment the distance between the left and right "HUD elements" are too long and in the big inch setup you have to turn your head almost 180 degrees.
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    Hello, everyone!

    The time frame for posting questions has ended and this thread is now closed. As a reminder, we will be publishing the answers May 24th on the official website.

    Thank you all for participating in the Q&A and we appreciate your continued support!
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