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    Ubisoft really!!! Revenge activates WAY TO FAST

    Revenge needs a serious nerf on how fast you can get it. I dont care how strong or weak it is just nerf how easy it is to get it. I want everyone to take a count on how long this Shinobi took to get revenge for the SECOND F**CKING TIME. There is no balance when ONLY CERTAIN heros can do this. These Shinodi was only a level 8, not a rep 8 a level 8. If he can do this now at this level whats he going to be like after REP 5 and top gear.


    Devs, developers, code writers, *******s, who the f**k ever. just fix this.
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    yea shinobi got too fast revenge gain with almost no gear vs rep5 gear heroes.
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