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    Centurion not counting towards Hybrid orders.

    See title, unless I'm just unlucky.
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    I noticed this as well with Shinobi. Seems to concern only some challenges, for me it's play as assassin... ones and it's maybe worth mentioning these challenges were active on my list before the update.
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    Yes, both new heroes are bugged. Centurion doesn't register as a hybrid for hybrid orders, and Shinobi for assassin orders. All other orders are fine.
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    Didn't know it affected the Shinobi too, that sucks. So much for completing specific class orders with the new characters!
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    Me too playing on Ps4

    You are not alone friends... 😞
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    Was going to write a post about this too, but hey, there is a thread already!

    I was worried, at first, that it was because they didn't want us to get order xp on these heroes, but all the other orders work, and the class specific ones actually give less experience (500) than most of the others (up to 1500) so that doesn't make any sense either.
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    Shinobi doesn't count either. They need to figure this one out.
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