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    New fps game idea

    My idea is make a game who you can costumise guns but EVERYTHING barrel, silencer, mag, camo, taticals like laser and light and every thing.
    But you can costumise in game (in battle camp) but you after need to select the items you go in bag, mags, silencer and more and all in first person.
    And game have a big map and lot of missions, single player and multiplayer but in multiplayer you play stile of rainbow six siege 5v5 (e.g).
    And I'm only share this idea because I'm don't know any game of this type for consoles and pc you can costumise in battle ground and in my opinion is great game
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    teste de velocidade da internet

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    The game has basic instructions and a mission pack, single-player and multiplayer, but for many players, you play a lot of Rainbow Six attacks in 5v5 (e.g.). chatiw I also propose this idea because I have no idea about circles for a control cps center and computer that can be tasted on the battlefield, and I like to think it's an amazing game. camzap
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