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    DLC servers offline??

    Hi! I just downloaded (twice) the RS version as of this date. Tested and loved it with the free song packs. Then I bought some DLC - first the SRV bundle; then a song (Black Betty)... in both cases the software immediately jumps to “Download Error. Can not download song at this time. Please try again later”..... been trying for hours. It’s always the same. Rebooted my phone (iPhone 6). Even deleted and reinstalled with restore purchases - all working except actually downloading the music I bought?? I checked settings - there is no blocking of internet access. Which error messages were more useful. Shouldn’t matter - but my RS login is via Facebook... really bummed because the free teaser worked so amazingly well (via apple USB camera dongle and real-tone cable).
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    Hey Jayme_Nan2018, very sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. It's not one that I've seen yet. If you could, please create a ticket at support.ubi.com and let me know the ticket number. Additionally, could you let me know what OS version you're using?

    Edit: Could you also let us know your exact device model number and if you're trying to connect via wifi or mobile data? Thanks!
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    Rocksmith iOS Release

    I love playing along with Rocksmith on my Mac and PS4 (yup, I’ve already bought it twice). And I’m dying to buy Rocksmith a third time on iOS!

    Any timeframe (general or specific) regarding when Rocksmith iOS will be released in the US?
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    Others have asked over the past 17 months since the announcement, but no one from UBI seems to acknowledge the question. IMO there must be some big issue with getting it to work properly or we would have seen it released before now. It's been 4 months since there was any type of patch, and they don't seem to be rolling out DLC consistently for it. I wouldn't hold your breath for the IOS version, it may are a failed experiment, just enjoy playing on the systems you have.
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    When purchasing songs a useful filter would be difficulty level (within the store. You can filter difficulty level after purchasing within your library)

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