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    Anno 1404 gold edition CD-ROM - Stock not increased as expected

    I am running into one or more of the following 4 incidents in every game of Anno 1404 Continuous Game:
    1. When unloading X tools from ship to harbour, only X-1 are added to warehouse. Repeatable.
    2. When warehouse has 0 tools and 1 tool is produced, warehouse stock goes from 0 to 1 then back to 0. Repeatable.
    3. When warehouse has 3 stones and 1 stone is produced, warehouse stock goes from 3 to 4 and then to 0. Repeatable.
    4. Warehouse stock is not increased with the same amount that is produced or bought. Repeatable.
    The incidents does not show up in every city/island.
    Game installed from DVD-ROM. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game did not remove the incidents. I assume that tools and stone are not used in maintenance of buildings. I am using a high-end PC running windows 10 and directx 12, OS build 15063.483.
    Since my main city always have 2 or more of the problems above, I sooner or later end up in a situation where I am unable to increase the stock of one of the main resources/products needed
    Anyone who can help?
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    Incidents does not occur during campaign.
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    What is happening is normal. If you are trying to build more than you have, you will never fill the warehouse. You people will take from the warehouse till they stop needing the materials.

    On the ships to the warehouses or the other way around. You can change on much you take from either one. You can take one, ten, or all at once. Look at the box when it comes up to transfer stuff you will see a 1, 10 and all.
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