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    AC Unity stop working in the same cutscene everytime

    I download AC unity and play it for a while and when i reached sequence 3 in the mission that we have to jump through our first server bridge
    after i jump the game went into loading screen and the game stop working i have retry s many time.
    Even restarting my PC didn't work it stills top working.

    please help me with a solution
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    Try verifying the game files. Some files might be corrupted.

    If you have AC:Unity on steam try launching the game through Uplay. Because i had a problem where my game would stuck in a loading screen, when i launch it using Steam.

    I hope this helps!
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    There was one cutscene that crashed the game for me almost every time as well. Eventually, I tried lowering the graphics settings to the absolute minimum and I got through (my system otherwise ran the game without any performance issues). I'm not sure if, after the server bridge section, the game tries to contact some online service, although it shouldn't crash if it can't reach it, it is not impossible.
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    2 good answers there GlazeToRescue.... what is your pc spec please?
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