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    One thing it does well in FB is dive. It doesn't start to come apart until 1000 km/h IAS. Pretty sturdy, and beats the Fw190 for strength.


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    It is quite clearly a load of crapola - as i didn't read half of it and the half i did read, didn't seem to say the P51 was superior to all other planes in all respects.

    seriously though - seems quite a accurate and informative post -
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    Nice read - good to see a discussion of the impact of not having a full tank! So much mustang data is with full fuel.
    Great contributions too - good thread

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    I am a die hard P-51 fan and 8AF fan. For this reason I am always reading and studying the plane and the men who flew it. In another two months I will be going to Kissimmee to fly an authentic WWII P-51D, when I have saved up enough money ($2,750.00/hour flight time).

    However, I think one reason the P-51 was so successful in dogfights against LW pilots is partly due to the fact that the Germans were told not to engage the fighters, but rather to concentrate their energy on the bombers.

    This meant that the Germans were often running away from the P-51's, or focusing their sites on bombers rather than positioning for a dogfight. Of course there are many other factors, but this is a point that is probably often overlooked---that if you want to win a dogfight, don't show the enemy your tail.

    Other factors, like replacement part shortages, the loss of experienced pilots, fuel shortages, limited range, to name a few will hurt ya too.

    Nevertheless, the P-51 was an exceptional plane for its assigned role. If you took the figher out of its niche, and say put it in low altitude combat over Russia, then likely you would hear less about it, and there likely would have been less of them built.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by kweassa:
    _"if the 109 could cover all of england what difference would it make"_


    Range, makes a tremendous difference in both tactical and strategical aspect.

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