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    lag switch?

    k met a guy, his ping bars were going from red to green and my attacks that went trough did no damage (not every time), also got the execution option and just pressed the button expecting to enjoy animation but suddenly i got rekt? Oo
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    Nah that happens all the time. It's just latency between you; on your end, you made the hit and the execution buttons showed, but on their end they blocked the move, so the game "catches up" (which in your case, screwed you up) as compensation.
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    Lagswitchers do exists but the one you mention is not one. It is simply put game having poor netcode, so all the actions you perform immediately start their animation even before they are authorized to go off. Once authorization fails, you see an animation of an action that is not happening. You get it more with laggy games.

    They intentionally omitted an industry standard called lockstep that prevents this issue, to hide the fact how rubbish their netcode connection speed is.
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    Well lagswitchs are common in any game on ps4 (takes 10 minutes to make one). That example isn't one though.

    Best way to know if your opponents lagswitching is get a friend to use one in a custom match so you can learn what it looks like.
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