Game changes

We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback on the Loadouts feature, but one aspect stood out above any other ones: the lack of inventory space due to Loadouts require items to be in your inventory. To address this, we looked at ways to increase inventory space, and used this opportunity to answer a quality of life change that had been suggested in the past: removing the RNG roll in backpack capacity.

  • Backpack capacity will no longer be randomly generated for all High-End, Exotic and Gear Sets backpacks. Instead, they will all have a capacity of 110 (120 with all Base of Operations perks unlocked). This change is retroactive.

The NinjaBike backpack is considered by most as a very underwhelming item, and we agree. While we don’t have the bandwith to revamp it for Update 1.6.1, we have however decided to remove it from all loot tables in order to make sure to avoid the frustration to receive a Ninja Backpack instead of any other more interesting Exotic.

  • NinjaBike Backpack has been removed from all loot tables until it can be correctly revamped. That means that it will no longer drop from NPCs or in Exotic Caches.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in DZ02 where players could suffer invisible collision in the stairs newly added at the “Coward’s Corner”.
  • Fixed a bug where players could still be revived with Nimble when dying during a Cover to Cover move.
  • Fixed a bug in DZ09 Landmark Greenhouse where enemies would not spawn if players were standing too close to the spawn location.
  • Fixed several instances of Support Station buff remaining active on the player after they left its range.
  • Fixed a bug with First Aid Booster Shot where applying the skill another time while the buff was still active would not refresh its duration.
  • Fixed a bug with Ballistic Shield when using 4 piece D3-FNC where the mod bonuses would still apply despite what the Gear Set talent states.
  • [PC] Fixed a bug where fps could drop significantly when the frame rate limiter option was activated.