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    It seems as if some people were able to get the multiplayer temporarily to work by creating a new online profile, i haven't tried it myself and the post is from the end of November but maybe this information can help with a fix https://steamcommunity.com/app/33350...49384357470330
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    Good day,
    so my girlfriend and I wanted to play multiplayer Anno 1404, but there was a complication. We both have our own functional online profiles, but when we click on the "Multiplayer - Internet" or "Multiplayer - Local network" button, a window with another screen will pop up for a short time, and then we will return to the menu. Tried to several PCs, but still the same problem. We don't want to buy the Historical Edition because of that. Can I ask for support or the players themselves for any ideas? Thank you and have a nice rest of the day.
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    We don't want to buy the Historical Edition because of that.
    Sorry that you are having this problem. But it has been like this way for over 6 months or longer. You might have to go that way so you can play online. If you both had online profiles you might have lose them.

    Can I ask for support or the players themselves for any ideas?
    Sorry again but we are all having the same problem. No matter what any body has tried hasn't work. It all has to do with the server. Like I said to somebody else you could try support. But a lot of people have gone that way with no luck.
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    Thank you, yes. In the end, deleting the old online profile and creating a new one helped. Although we both lost our achievements, fortunately we don't mind that much. Mainly that we can play together. We are both closed due to the lockdown, so at least we spend time playing together
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    at this point i believe that Ubisoft just doesn't care about the old game as there is a new edition out there. The support is sending me round in circles, i just got the article for connectivity issues for the game again which i already tried on the 4th of January.
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    LogMeInHamachi is working!

    After hours and hours of reseach i found a way to play Anno1404 Venice aside of the shown Problems.

    There is a way to configure LogMeInHamachi to play Anno afterwards.
    It is a german Video, but if you follow the steps i'll work


    Just configure your networksettings like shown in the Vid and then start a new game in LAN-Mode.
    I figured out, that it is important that you choose an offline-annoprofile to play.

    Hope this will work out for you aswell!

    sry for my writing but im german
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    That is nice you found a work around. But we shouldn't have to be doing this to get something to work that has work for years.

    The other problem is yes people own the retail version. But that version has to many things wrong with it.

    People in a way should just spend the extra money and get the new 1404 HE. Yes you can play online. But there is no more online account.

    So you don't ever have to worry about losing your online account any more. But like I said thanks for the work around.
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