We recognize that we failed to communicate what was intended to be a temporary and minor change in the way Casual matchmaking is handled. We are working with the various teams involved to ensure that we are providing you with more insight moving forward.

One of the issues that we are seeing from the community is the change to Casual matchmaking pairing players up with similarly skilled players. The change that was implemented was an adoption of your Ranked MMR into the Casual playlist. We wanted to do this to provide players with a more engaging experience in Casual. We know that it isn’t as much fun for our Diamond players to have to play Casual matches against other Diamonds as opposed to Silvers and Golds. We are comfortable with that, as it wasn’t very much fun for them to get stomped either. We would like to reiterate that this is a very temporary change. We have zero intention of this being a long term solution, and it is not our final design intent.

The second issue that has been noted by our players is the extended queue times for higher skilled players. This extended queue time is a result of what is called “clamping”. We are currently going through data that we have collected to determine where the sweet spot is for our high skill players between instant queue times and balanced matches for everyone. Please be aware that there will likely continue to be a queue time, as we do not intend for Diamonds to play against newcomers anymore, even in Casual. A fix for this issue will require a maintenance, and we will inform you when this is happening.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work on this!